Water Damage in Lake Mary

It is common knowledge that home insurance is a must, whether you rent your home or own it. As a resident of Lake Mary, a quiet city around 18 miles north of Orlando, you would certainly wish to protect your home in the best possible way. This peaceful city has a low crime rate and is much sought after by people who want well-planned residential communities with various facilities. A good customizable insurance policy from a reputed insurance company will safeguard your cherished home from a whole host of perils like theft, vandalism, power outage, leaking roof, burst pipes, hail, lightning, windstorms and water damage, etc.

Water damage is a recurring mishap, so ask your insurance agent if there is any fixed limit for water damage cover before purchasing your home insurance. Discuss with your agent whether mold and water backup damage are covered under the same premium, or you need to pay an additional premium for it. Read through the clauses and the small print on your policy carefully. Water damage due to floods or earthquakes is not covered by a standard homeowner’s insurance policy. For that, you’ll have to purchase separate flood insurance coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program, managed by the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA). If water has damaged the structure of your house, then the dwelling coverage part of your policy will pay for the repair costs. If the water has damaged your clothes and carpets, destroyed your electronics and furniture, then personal property coverage will pay for their replacement.

Once you’ve decided to purchase home insurance, you are lulled into a sense of security but let us warn you that you may receive a rude awakening when you need to file a claim. So, it’s always better to hire a public adjuster from a reputed firm like Experienced Public Adjusters Lake Mary when filing a claim with your insurance company. The moment you report the water damage to your insurance company, a field adjuster will be deputed to inspect the damages. You may not realize this, but often insurance claims are denied based on information collected from unsuspecting and unprepared clients. So, you need to have your public adjuster on-site during an inspection so that all ambiguity is sorted out at the inception itself.

Often, water damage comes to your notice only when some time has passed, and the water has quietly seeped in, damaging walls and furnishing. This is when your insurance company will raise objections that the water damage has been gradual and that consistent upkeep could have prevented the damage. If you have done regular maintenance of your plumbing system and appliances, please keep the receipts to prove that you have not been negligent. Your insurance provider may tell you that the damage for which you’re seeking a claim is not part of your coverage; however, our able team will check this out. We will carry out a detailed study of your insurance clauses and take on the entire responsibility of filing the claim on your behalf.

To get the best possible settlement for water damage in Lake Mary, contact Experienced Public Adjusters today.