Public Adjusting in Windermere

Windermere is a haven for celebrities living in magnificent lake-fronted mansions. Its gated communities offer extreme privacy amidst the abundance of natural splendors. Good weather, friendly locals, low crime rate, and good educational institutions are some points in its favor. Windermere is situated on the Lake Butler Chain of Lakes, close to Orlando. For lovers of wildlife, a variety of animals and birds like armadillos, alligators, egrets, river otters, and hawk owls can be seen in these lakes.

You may wonder what is public adjusting and living in Windermere, why do you require it?

A public adjuster is an insurance professional, licensed by the state department of finance, and who represents a policyholder during an insurance claim for property loss or damage. Having insured your cherished home with comprehensive homeowner’s insurance, you may feel secure and protected, which is the objective of purchasing a policy in the first place. However, hiring a reputed public adjusting firm like Experienced Public Adjusters ensures that your entire claims responsibility is taken care of and that no rude surprises are awaiting you!

Let’s see how:

By being present right at the beginning of the claims process: When you make that first call to your insurer to report damage to your property, you need to be coherent. We help you choose the right words as you may be stressed or disoriented. Our experience shows us that unprepared clients often say things that may be held against them by the insurance company. It is also important to note that in some states there are strict deadlines to pay or deny a claim.

Engaging with the insurance field adjuster who visits your home to inspect the damages: Our team of expert public adjusters helps to photograph, and document all electronic communications from the start of the claim process. Field adjusters employed by the insurance company may not be very astute or knowledgeable so the presence of our team members ensures that details of damage are not missed out. Often, field adjusters intentionally complete a superficial investigation, and this submission of coverage decisions and estimates are used by the insurer to underpay or deny the claim.

Gathering required documents: Our experts read and understand the clauses of your insurance policy, keeping in mind that your claim ultimately could end up in litigation. Attaching the right documents with all proof, including photographs, leaves no room for misunderstanding and saves time. We are transparent in our dealings, and we do what is best for you.

Our team is educated about the state statutes and rules about first-party property claims: Knowledge of local and state building codes, permitting requirements, and updated property laws are required to upgrade and get your home back to pre-loss condition. 

Negotiating skills: Our qualified resources are skilled at drawing out the maximum settlement for your claim within the limits of your insurance policy. We present a water-tight claim with complete information and documentation.

So, if you’re looking for a good public adjusting firm with a track record of successful claim settlements, then look no further – Experienced Public Adjusters will meet your expectations and more! Contact us today in Windermere if you need to file an insurance claim.