Water Damage Claims in Tampa Florida

Water Damage claims in Tampa, Florida have about the same number of claims filed each year as most cities in the United States when it comes to water damage claims. Studies have shown that 1 in every 40 homes file a water damage claim each year. Filing an insurance claim in Florida is an arduous process and requires someone with experience in the industry who knows the Florida Statutes, local permitting requirements, state and local building codes, water IICRC and S500 standards, and of course, understanding the effects and damage mold can cause to a home.  

Most water damage, plumbing leaks, and pipe burst insurance claims will most like require a water mitigation and mold remediation company in order to mitigate damages. Who you hire is important and also what type of contract they make you sign. You need to understand the difference between an assignment of benefits, direction to pay, or work authorization contract. Some contracts can leave you liable as the homeowner or business owner and if you do not pay a mechanics lien can be put on your property. Assignment of Benefits contracts is a bit more complex to explain and should require someone with a vast knowledge of the new law HB 7065 to make sure the contract is valid and that the contract includes a “Hold Harmless clause.” 

You will also depend on the water damage loss and how long it takes to mitigate or to locate the loss or detect it you will need someone to check for mold damage. In Florida, this requires a professional to have a Florida Mold Assessors License. They will take a swab test and air cell test to determine the extent of the damage then write a protocol so that a Licensed mold remediation company can get the mold removed from your home. Then once the mold remediation is complete you will ask the Florida Mold Assessor to complete an additional test so that you can get a Post Remediation Verification which will allow you to have a document showing that you have done your part to mitigate the loss. 

Most insurance policies require the homeowner or business owner to mitigate their loss as a condition of their policy. It usually reads in the policy that the insured has a “Duty to mitigate the loss from future damages.” So yes you do have some responsibility or duties after a loss.

We suggest that no one goes through the insurance claims process without hiring a Public Adjuster. Call Experienced Public Adjusters today for a free consultation or free onsite home inspection of the insurance claim loss.  If you have a water damage insurance claim in Tampa we have a Tampa Public Adjuster that is experienced and ready to help you reach a successful settlement and advocate for you while taking the claims process from start to finish. 

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