Tropical Storm Winds Orlando

Once famous for its citrus industries, Orlando has come a long way. The city shot to fame with the advent of Disney World, introducing parks like Epcot and Magic Kingdom, Universal Orlando offering Islands of Adventure, and Universal Studios with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. But there’s more to Orlando than entertainment; it’s a world leader in the entrepreneurial economy that includes state-of-the-art technology, educational research and development, digital media, software, and life sciences simulation and training.

Both tourists and residents alike, love this ‘city beautiful’, as it is known. The weather is invigorating, with mild winters; however, summers can be risky with thunderstorms bearing strong winds, lightning, and heavy rainfall. These tropical storms hitting Orlando can create tremendous upheaval to life and property, damaging roofs, breaking trees, and upending gutters, as well as devastating damages like decking and gable damage, uprooted trees, extended power outages, and even destruction of homes.

Tropical storms foist devastation on us with storm surges, high tides, and incredibly powerful winds. These have a far-reaching impact on our economy; they can disrupt oil production and refining and damage pipelines and ports. This, in turn, affects shipments and gas lines. Tropical storms go by different names in various parts of the world; in the Atlantic, they are called hurricanes. In South East Asia they are called tropical cyclones. In the Pacific, they are known as typhoons, and in Australia, they are called willy-willies. Experts say that a tropical storm is considered a hurricane when it reaches a wind speed of 74 mph (64 kt) or more. Hurricanes can be violent, destructive, and deadly.

As per FEMA’s Estimated Flood Loss Potential report, all it needs is one inch of flooding to cause damage to your home and belongings, and the cost to repair and replace it may be $27,000 or more. Did you know that damage from wind-driven waters or storm surges and floods is not covered by your standard homeowner’s insurance, even if caused by a hurricane? You must buy flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) of the FEMA. You may think it’s not necessary to buy such a policy because your home is in a low-risk area for floods; however, statistics show that nearly 25 percent of all flood claims come from moderate-to-low-risk locations. If your community works with FEMA to take up and spread awareness about floodplain management to alleviate the problems caused by flooding, then you can buy flood insurance through them. They cover all damages caused by flooding due to a natural calamity like a storm. For other perils, you need to rely on traditional home insurance.

You may feel protected once you’ve purchased home insurance, but the real test happens when it’s time to make a claim. Insurance companies are known for their stalling tactics as they try to reduce your claim amount and ignore some of the damages. We, at Experienced Public Adjusters, are your friends in your time of need. Our team comprises experts in insurance and property matters; we handle your entire claim process from the initial stages until you receive your settlement check from the insurance company. We argue, fight, and negotiate until you get what is due to you.

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