Radio Show


David Dwyer, Florida’s Best Public Adjuster takes to the radio to get the message out on why you require a public adjuster when you have an insurance claim.

Listen as David Dwyer discusses the life of a Public Insurance Adjuster on Florida Man Radio Sept 6, 2020

David Dwyer Public Adjuster shares what a public adjuster does and how they help the public fight their insurance companies from being mistreated and underpaid on insurance claims. Experienced Public Adjusters is one of the highest regarded and top reviewed public adjusting firms in The State of Florida and now spreading throughout the United States. His team of dedicated and passionate adjusters strives 7 days a week to help the public get treated fairly and get the insurance settlement they are owed. Large for-profit insurance companies are do not exist to benefit the policyholders they are there to benefit their shareholders and use all kinds of tactics to underpay claims, scare policyholders, and look for reasons to deny valid claims. You need to have a representative that is better educated, trained, and skilled to fight for you against these massive companies with deep pockets dedicated to increase profits and underpay the public. If you are a residential or commercial policy we are here to help. We have 7 offices in Orlando from Naples to Ft. Lauderdale. Tampa, Orlando, to Daytona Beach.

We represent not only Florida but Mississippi, Montana, South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina and are expanding throughout the United States.

Public Adjusters are here for one reason to put the public’s best interests ahead of anything else. We are here to steer you through making sure you do not make the decision to hire insurance steered contractors that have the best interest of the insurance company only in their minds when showing up to your property. We are there to watch the experts that are paid only by them and live off the insurance company’s revenue. Please trust us when we tell you that every insurance claim needs a public adjuster. We offer free counsel and advice so please give us a call.