How Do I File a Capitol Preferred Insurance Claim?

James Graganella established the Capitol Preferred Insurance company in 1997 at Tallahassee, Florida. They offer insurance products and services related to homeowners, renters, condominiums, dwelling fire, flood, identity theft, and equipment breakdown throughout Florida, South Carolina, and Louisiana. Southern Fidelity Property & Casualty, Inc. (SFPC) has merged with Capitol Preferred Insurance, Inc. (CPIC), both insurance companies that have robust financials and a strong position in the Southeast for over 20 years.

Capitol Preferred provides additional coverages for:

  • Non-functioning of electronic appliances like laptops and home gadgets, systems that affect security, heating, and cooling, and others like water heaters, garden equipment, etc. 
  • In partnership with Identity Theft Fraud Solutions (ITFS), they safeguard you against identity theft, as coverage under your homeowner’s insurance policy.
  • Through the National Flood Services Insurance Program (NFSIP), flood insurance covers a flood or water surplus in ordinarily dry areas. 
  • Problems with underground pipes or damaged wiring related to electricity, telephones, internet, cable, etc. are taken care of by their ‘Service Line Coverage.’

How Do I File a Capitol Preferred Insurance Claim? Contact Experienced Public Adjusters today! 

Once you call in a claim, Capitol Preferred will arrange for a claims adjuster to contact you to schedule a meeting to inspect your damaged property. Try to prevent your property from getting further damaged and maintain receipts if you have undertaken temporary repairs. These will be required for refunding later. Take photos as proof, and do not throw away damaged stuff until you have spoken with your company’s insurance adjuster. Once the field adjuster inspects your damages, he or she will prepare a report of his findings. An examiner will assess the inspecting adjuster’s report in tandem with the terms of your insurance policy. Accordingly, they will finalize the settlement for your claim.

Like any other business, Capitol Preferred would like to enhance the company’s bottom-line. They do this by increasing premium and investment income over the payments made as claim settlements. Their claims adjusters don’t care if you receive a fair settlement. However, you are anxious to bring back your property to a pre-loss condition and get your life back on track with the claim settlement but you are unprepared to handle the arguments and denials of your insurance company. This is when you need someone in your corner, someone who will guide you through the formalities and the negotiation – hiring a Public Adjuster is the solution. Whether your damage was caused by leaky pipes or a lightning strike or anything in between we are here to help.

A Public Adjuster is a state-licensed professional who will assist you during an insurance settlement negotiation. Choose Experienced Public Adjusters, as we are familiar with the workings of insurance companies and we overcome obstacles to negotiate a good settlement for you. We even provide legal assistance if required. Our objective is to ensure that a justifiable claim is given to you in line with your policy document’s coverage.

Contact Experienced Public Adjusters to process your Capitol Preferred insurance claim.