Public Claim Adjusters

What are Public Claim Adjusters? There are so many names of adjusters that handle insurance claims for private individuals or private business owners.

Do you think an insurance company will pay you fairly? Would you go to a criminal trial without a Criminal Attorney? Would you go to a divorce court without a Divorce Attorney? Would you buy a house without your own Real Estate Agent?

So why would you file an insurance claim without the proper representation of a Public Adjuster? We are called many names: Private Adjusters, Public Insurance Adjusters, Private Insurance Adjusters, Public Claims Adjusters, Private Claims Adjusters.

A Public Adjuster or Private Adjuster has one function and that is to represent the individual or family in a home insurance claim or a business insurance claim, sometimes called a commercial insurance claim.

You need to have someone that knows the insurance claims industry and specializes in the construction costs in your area, not to mention what the permitting office and building code offices will require. From California to New York and from Montana to Florida we will soon have offices throughout the United States. Experienced Public Adjusters is a team of highly skilled and trained insurance claims adjusters working for you! If we are not available in your area or if you want to check if we are in your area then you should search google with the keywords, “Public Adjuster Near Me.”

We handle every type of property damage insurance claim from wind claims to fire claims. We specialize in hail claims, hurricane claims, ice dam claims, roof damage claims, water damage claims, plumbing leak claims, tornado claims. We handle Mansion claims, luxury home claims, large commercial claims, skyscraper claims, and there is no insurance claim too large or too small!

If there is an insurance claim to be made with your insurance company on your home or your business then its time to call us for a FREE insurance claim evaluation or claim review.

Experienced Public Adjusters has an adjuster ready to help you!