Hurricane Named Storms Still Remaining in 2020

Tropical Storm and Hurricane Season 2020

We have had 8 named tropical storms and hurricane’s named in the Atlantic Ocean in 2020. This is an active season with Hurricane Hanna making landfall already in Texas this year. Hurricane Douglas will make landfall on the Hawaiin islands. The hurricane season and tropical storm season is really just beginning. The highest risk states for hurricane damage and massive amounts of insurance claims are Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas as the Gulf of Mexico has the warmest water. That does not mean the Atlantic coast states are not also at risk. You can have devastating hurricane damage in Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C., New Jersey, and New York. Hurricanes start as tropical depressions and then as winds increase become tropical storms, they become hurricanes when they reach high-velocity wind speeds that will cause extensive wind damaged to buildings and homes and also create a storm surge with flooding from heaving rains. Your house or business can be hit by wind-borne debris or falling objects like tree limbs or entire trees. We have seen boats on top of houses, and even houses completely relocated to new areas after severe storms. Hurricane storms have higher deductibles but will damage much more than a typical wind claim, hail claim, falling object claim, flood claim, water damage claim, roof damage claim, or most any insurance claim. Your personal property damage can be extensive, electrical damage is possible, and most likely you will have mold damage that will be not only visible damage but hidden damage throughout your home or business. Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Michael, Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Andrew, Hurricane Charley, are just some of the few of the most devastating storms to have hit the Atlantic coast.

What is the first thing you should do after suffering hurricane damage? Protect yourself and your family! The second thing you should do is to call an Experienced Public Adjuster. Public Adjusters are highly competent and trained insurance claims adjusters that work only for you the homeowner or business owner and not the insurance company.  There is a list of named storms still yet to be named in 2020. Those named storms are:

  • Tropical Storm Isaias
  • Hurricane Isaias
  • Tropical Storm Josephine
  • Hurricane Josephine
  • Tropical Storm Kyle
  • Hurricane Kyle
  • Tropical Storm Laura
  • Hurricane Laura
  • Tropical Storm Marco
  • Hurricane Marco
  • Tropical Storm Nana
  • Hurricane Nana
  • Tropical Storm Omar
  • Hurricane Omar
  • Tropical Storm Paulette
  • Hurricane Paulette
  • Tropical Storm Rene
  • Hurricane Rene
  • Tropical Storm Sally
  • Hurricane Sally
  • Tropical Storm Teddy
  • Hurricane Teddy
  • Tropical Storm Vicky
  • Hurricane Vicky
  • Tropical Storm Wilfred
  • Hurricane Wilfred

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Call Experienced Public Adjusters if are hit by a Hurricane. We are the expert adjusters you are looking for!