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Why would you need a Public Adjuster in The Great State of Montana, the Treasure State? Public Insurance Adjusters advocate for the insured to make sure they are paid fairly by for-profit insurance companies.

Montana Independent Public Insurance Adjusters

If you own a home or business in Montana, many public insurance adjusters are willing to serve homeowners or business owners from Buttle, Montan to Helana, and all across the state. Public insurance adjusters are governed by the Montana State Auditor’s Office. You can learn about Montana’s licensing requirements for insurance agents and adjusters at http://sao.mt.gov/.

What is a public adjuster? Montana’s public adjusters are public servents representing the private homeowner or business owner, not the insurer. A Montana Public Adjuster is a specialist in his field with vast and extensive knowledge of the insurance industry and insurance policy language. In general, language, they know how to get you paid what you deserve. Many Montana public insurance adjusters have previous insurance carrier adjuster experience and have decided to help the public instead of serving big insurance companies. They not only help the people who have an insurance claim find coverage, but they help them maximize their settlements.

Montana Private Adjusters are homeowners and commercial policyholder insurance professional experts who have no relationships with any insurance company. Public insurance adjusters work for the private residents of the State of Montana and are skilled negotiators that are able to reach more successful financial outcomes for their clients the insureds. Our local team of public adjusters understands Montana’s reconstructions costs, local building codes, and permitting requirements. An out of state non-resident public adjusting company is not in most cases able to represent the best interest of a Montana resident and maximize their settlement. Having a public adjuster advocating for you is the only way to get the proper representation to navigate through this arduous process along with reaching the best possible results.

The Montana State Auditor’s Office monitors insurance companies, and public adjusters are also governed by the State of Montana. Montana has similar licensing requirements for insurance agents, company insurance adjusters, independent insurance adjusters identical to other states. Public Insurance Adjusters must be educated and knowledgeable in the insurance industry and pass a state licensing exam specific to their job in the insurance industry. If you have an insurance claim in Montana, we feel it is always best for you to hire Licensed  Montana Public Insurance Adjuster. The insurance process can be an arduous process and put a lot of stress on the insured and their family. A Public Adjuster not only relieves some of this stress but the fight to collect every penny owed to you.

In addition to helping you with estimates, appraisal, and negotiations, an experienced public adjuster will also assist you with documenting, photographing losses, insurance forms, inventory forms of damaged items, and the entire settlement process from start to finish. Public adjusters do not get paid unless they are able to not just get coverage granted, but they are paid a percentage of the size of the insurance settlement they are able to recover for the insured.  We fight to WIN every dollar that the insurance company owes you as it is in our best interest, and it is also our fiduciary duty to represent you the best we can with ethics and integrity.

As the 41st state in the U.S., Montana, the Treasure State, has a great history and many stories to be told on how they came to be. The Montana State Auditor’s Office can help the citizens of the state with many general insurance questions and insurance licensing regulations.  A Montana Public Adjuster has only one goal, and that is to serve the public homeowner and business owner and advocate for them so they can reach a successful insurance settlement.

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