Meadow Mountain Association Inc. Engages in Voter Suppression

Meadow Mountain Association Inc. Engages in Voter Suppression


Public Information: Dated 08-25-2020

Meadow Mountain Association Inc. is an HOA Association for a community in Franklin, NC. This Association successfully engaged in voter suppression in 2020. Instead of finding a way to hold their annual meeting in accordance with CDC guidelines conference call or other means including social distancing, the officers of the corporation without holding an annual board meeting as required the HOA By-laws decided to allow “The Officers” to vote themselves back into elected office in violation of the Meadow Mountain Association Inc. bylaws. The Association President Kim Ratsch, Doug Turner, and The Officers of this corporation beached their bylaws canceling the required annual meeting and did not make accommodations for a vote by mail. Instead, the officers decided to self-elect themselves back into office without giving the owners of lots and properties with homes the rights entitled to them under the current Meadow Mountain Association Inc. bylaws.

In an email written Association President, Kim Ratsch and the officers canceled the required annual meeting without offering the right to vote mail. The Annual Meeting is a requirement the bylaws of the Association and it includes the right to hold an election of officers each year at this annual meeting and provides options to vote mail, which were intentionally not offered to the homeowners of the Association with legal voting rights. As you can see below, the officers at the direction of President, Kim Ratsch decided to take the homeowners and property owner’s right to vote away and they self-selected themselves back into office. This is a direct breach of the bylaws provided by Meadow Mountain Association, Inc.

My name is David Dwyer an owner and shareholder in the corporation and I am the owner of a home in the HOA and the owner of a total of three properties that reside inside Meadow Mountain Association, Inc. HOA in Franklin, NC. Options to have the meeting conference call or zoom were offered but fell on deaf ears. The Association’s response was that the officers held a vote and decided to cancel the meeting and re-elect themselves into office in direct violation of the bylaws.

President, Kim Ratsch and The Officers of the Corporation have breached the current Bylaws in place this action but are attempting to still enforce the HOA Fee’s due the By-Laws. (See below link to The Meadow Mountain Association Inc. By-Laws)


Keep in mind the CDC Guidelines provide guidance to allow for the annual meeting to be held. There is no excuse for the breach of the bylaws and The Officers of the Corporation self-electing themselves to another term without a required annual meeting held and along with the required annual election of officers.



August 22, 2020

Hello Everyone,

Due to Covid 19 restrictions, the officers of Meadow Mountain Association have made the decision to cancel the 2020 meeting.

We will keep the same officers from the 2019 meeting:

President  –  Kim Ratsch

Secretary  – Sherrie Phillips

Treasurer  –  Mary Stauffer

Road Committee

Mark Ratsch

Terry Stauffer

Road Maintenance dues will remain at $200 for 2020/2021. They can be mailed to:

1105 Meadow Mtn Estates Rd

Franklin, NC 28734

In September we will send out reports from the treasurer and the road maintenance committee.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns, and everyone stay safe.


Kim Ratsch


“MaryAnn Hummel also decided to make disrespectful and rude comment directed at homeowner, David Dwyer when he just wanted his right to an annual meeting and the right to vote.”