Making a Recorded Statement


Have you suffered a loss that you believe should be covered by your insurance? After filing you will receive a call from a friendly adjuster who works for the insurance company asking you to give a recorded statement about the loss you’ve suffered and provide personal information regarding yourself and your family. They claim that the statement will allow them to process your claim quickly and that they are there to help you.  What have you got to hide? Nothing right? You’re happy to help this friendly person process your claim! Right?

STOP! This could be a red flag that they are looking to find a reason to deny your insurance claim. Now would be the time to seek the advice of a professional, experienced public adjuster!

The fact is the nice person that is helping you with your claim works for the insurance company. They are working their hardest to save their company money by paying you as little as they can get away with. They will look for ways to underpay you and, in some cases, even deny your claim!

Insurance adjusters are crafty. They will word their questions in such a manner that what you say can possibly used against you. Their friendly, helpful nature may get your guard down and you could end up agreeing to “facts” that just aren’t true.  This will be used against you!

When you are asked to give a recorded statement, be professional. You always have the right to seek legal counsel or consult with a Public Adjuster. Immediately call the team at Experienced Public Adjusters. We will fight for your rights and get you the claim you deserve!