Hurricane Isaias

We are waiting to see if this Tropical Cyclone will become Tropical Storm Isaias and possibly Hurricane Isaias. Governor Desantis has not yet called the State of Emergency for the State of Florida but it is tracking toward Florida from the Atlantic Ocean.

It is currently called Tropical Cyclone Nine and will soon become a named storm in the Atlantic Ocean and is tracking for potential landfall on the Florida Coast. It will be named Tropical Storm Isaias and depending on wind speeds it may become Hurricane Isaias. We can expect from storms like this, flooding, and torrential rain downfall. Wind damage and flying objects may strike buildings and homes. Wind-borne debris damage, roof damage, tornado damage, falling trees, falling objects,  lightning damage, Power outage damage, food spoilage, and contents or what the insurance companies call personal property damage.

The first thing individuals need to do is protect themselves and their families and follow the guidance of your state and local expert officials. If an evacuation is recommended or mandatory evacuation is ordered make sure you take sedimental items with you,  photograph all your personal, and document as much as you can before you leave your home.

When you return you need to call a Public Adjuster to make sure you get treated fairly and that the insurance company acts in good faith if you file an insurance claim. Open an insurance claim or file an insurance claim with your insurance company as soon as possible but have a Public Adjuster that is local and experienced hired first. Experienced Public Adjusters was founded in Orlando, Florida, and has locations around the state.

Public Insurance Adjusters or Private Insurance Adjusters know the insurance industry and the claims process. Not only can they provide advice and guidance to protect you from unethical contractors that are not properly licensed or at all qualified but they will make sure you do not hire companies or individuals that will possibly put a mechanics lien on your property.

Call Experienced Public Adjusters after Hurricane Isaias or Tropical Storm Isaias!