Hurricane Delta

Hurricane Delta will hit the gulf coast as a Category 2 or Category 3 storm with high winds over 100 miles per hour winds and storm surge. It is heading toward Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Hurricanes of this size have been known to strengthen this time of year because of the extremely warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico. Please all homeowners and business owners be safe first and follow the evacuation requests as you put first responders at risk if the storm requires them to search for you after the storm makes landfall. Hurricanes no matter what category of the storm will do devastating damage to your home or business. Never open an insurance claim without the proper experienced Public Adjusters to help you from the start. The more a claim is documented properly and photographed properly as soon as the property can be access the better chance you have at getting coverage and the maximum settlement you deserve.

Call a Public Adjuster today to help you win what you deserve from your privately purchased insurance policy. Wind damage can cause damage to so many things. It can do damage to electrical, it can shut off your power and leave your home a Petrie dish for mold and the humidity and change of temperatures can cause extensive damages to your ceilings, walls, and down your walls to your floors. Not to mention the damage it can cause to your windows especially if they are older windows and out of code.