Public Adjusters Clearwater, Florida

Clearwater is situated in Pinellas County in the Sunshine State of Florida. It is the smallest city in the Tampa Bay Area. The city has a total area of 39.2 square miles, with 116478 residents. The weather here is mostly humid and warm, with rain and thunderstorms between June and September.

Tech Data Corporation, a multinational company dealing in IT services and products, is based here. Some other large companies with headquarters in Clearwater are Lincare Holdings Inc, Morgan Tire & Auto, and Bufkor. The Morton Plant Hospital and Honeywell International Inc. are other big concerns that provide employment to the residents of Clearwater.

Clearwater, Florida is well-known for its unique aquarium that takes care of injured marine species like otters, turtles, sharks, and pelicans – the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Here, you can meet some of its famous residents- Winter, a dolphin fitted out with a prosthetic tail, and Nicholas and Hope, both rescued as calves, and have starred in a film series called Dolphin Tale. The other notable landmark in the city is the Moccasin Lake Nature Park spread over 51 acres with an education center devoted to environmental studies.

Clearwater attracts tourists for a variety of sports like kiteboarding, paddlingjet-skiingkayak fishing, parasailing, dolphin-watching, and above all, just lazing around on its white sandy beaches. Its mangroves are replete with wildlife, so hiking along tree-lined trails is a common past-time. Pier 60 is very popular with holidaymakers as it offers interesting paraphernalia for fishing enthusiasts, and come sunset; it transforms into a delightful arena displaying entertainers, artists, and musicians. You can get authentic Cuban and Spanish fare at the elegant restaurants and stylish cafes that line the beach.

Some residential areas with a high livability score are Clubhouse Estates, Estancia Townes, Mission Hills, and the Villas of Lake Arbor. In this coastal paradise, you can find ranch style, rambling properties with scenic views and lush vegetation. The average cost of buying a home in Clearwater is $208,200. There has been an appreciation of 9.4% in the price of homes over the last 10 years.

Clearwater is vulnerable to hurricane damage as it falls in a high-risk zone, in fact, more than 71 hurricanes have made their appearance in Clearwater since 1930. It was last hit in 2013 by Hurricane Andrea, carrying high winds and heavy rainfall. Besides, it is also susceptible to tornadoes, with an average of 4 per year. Storm surges along coastal areas are not uncommon and cause a lot of destruction to property, including flood damage.

To protect your beautiful home from natural calamities as well as human disasters, it is essential to invest in a good home insurance policy. Flood damage is not included under standard home-owners insurance policies as flood insurance is covered by the National Flood Insurance Program. However, now flood insurance is being made available through some private insurers as well. Some insurance companies that operate in Clearwater are Florida Coastal Insurance, Allstate, State Farm, GreatFlorida, and Bay Area insurance to name a few.

In Pinellas county, as per 2017 data from the Institute of Insurance information, there were 127567 policies in force, with 25% of the properties being insured.

Before taking insurance for your precious home, please be cognizant of all the clauses, exclusions, and deductibles as one should always be future-ready. In case calamity strikes and you need to register an insurance claim, you should be aware of what the process entails since insurance companies always attempt to reduce the settlement that you have claimed. The wisest thing to do is hire a licensed Clearwater Public Adjuster who will assist you in documenting and preparing your claim. Public Adjusters represent the public, which is you, in your dealings with your insurance company and ensures that you receive the right settlement.

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