Hurricane Damage West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach in Florida witnesses an influx of folks because the city has a great job market and beautiful oceanside properties. According to the US census bureau, the city saw an 11% population rise from 2010 to 2019. While there is no income tax, there is a sales tax and property tax, so it’s not the cheapest city in the United States, but neither is the most expensive. Also, please be aware that this city, like the rest of Florida, experiences devastating storms and hurricanes.  

Interestingly, many people who want to settle down here do not have any prior experience of the damage a hurricane can do. It often becomes difficult for residents to do what is needed during a crisis. Today, with improved technology and accurate weather reports, it is easier to understand if there is going to be a massive storm or hurricane beforehand. In that way, people can protect themselves and get help. However, being safe and being able to protect your property are two very different things. You might move to a better location or stay indoors and protect yourself. What will happen to your property?

Beach properties should be strong enough to withstand constant gusty winds for a prolonged period, yet, in the face of a natural calamity, be ready to do what is required. If you are planning to invest in a house, take all the necessary steps to protect it. Make sure to cover your windows to prevent them from shattering. If you have any outdoor items, bring them inside and lock your doors tightly. There are many reports of roofs being blown off, so use straps or clips to secure your roof. Caulk your windows and doors to prevent water from entering the premises. Above all, purchase home insurance to take care of the damages, and do remember that you’ll need separate flood insurance from NFIP to take care of the damages from flooding due to natural disasters.

So, what should you do?

Get in touch with a public adjuster with a good track record like Experienced Public Adjusters. After a hurricane, you may end up with a broken wall, roof, fence, or serious electrical damage. So, once the hurricane subsides, your first instinct is to call your insurer, which is the right thing to do but contact Experienced Public Adjusters at the same time. We know that restoring a house after a hurricane is not an easy task but panicking will not help. If the restoration is not proper, you will most likely face difficulties again. Your insurance provider will first verify and send their field adjusters to inspect your property for damages. At this juncture, if all the damages are not taken into account, chances are that you will receive a reduced claim amount. As a layperson, you may lack experience and knowledge in these matters. Having our team by your side will ensure that you receive a fair settlement after estimating all the damages correctly. 

Experienced Public Adjusters represent your interests and negotiate with your insurer until you get what is rightfully due to you. To know more about insurance claims for hurricane damage in West Palm Beach, call us today!