Hurricane Damage Daytona Beach

The broad, hard-packed white-sand beaches of Daytona in Florida are considered the Mecca for race lovers. Apart from racing, the natural beauty of the place attracts locals and tourists in large numbers. Many people prefer to build or rent a house on the beach to experience the pleasures of fresh seafood, plentiful sunshine, and invigorating air. The unpredictable weather, especially during the storm season, proves to be a real challenge to residents. This may be daunting to some but an acceptable risk to many people who want to settle down here.

If you are one of them, we expect you to be well-informed about the city and its climate. Daytona Beach encounters multiple storms and hurricanes, thanks to its tropical weather. So, before buying a property in Daytona, you must carry out a home inspection as it is an important part of buying a house. During the inspection, you will learn about the condition of the property; if there are any problems in the construction or if there are any structural extensions that might weaken the construction. Inspectors can also check for mold or harmful asbestos for an additional fee. It is essential to know if your property meets the local requirements and whether it has permission from the municipality. While you are at it, get a wind mitigation inspection done. It will help you to understand if the property can withstand heavy winds during a hurricane. There may be some features that make your property vulnerable. So, your inspector can check if certain protective measures like hurricane clips, gable-end bracing, and block constructions have been used. Also, a dome-shaped roof is better at resisting a hurricane and can go a long way in protecting your house.

How else can you protect your property? 

The next step after a home inspection is getting home insurance. The policy will ensure your house, offering financial help during an emergency. Traditional insurance covers your property and personal belongings for a multitude of perils. You will have to purchase separate flood insurance to cover damages caused by flooding due to natural calamities offered by the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) under FEMA. Do consult your insurance agent for the details of home insurance. While you might feel that getting compensation is easy, in reality, the picture is a bit different. With multiple homeowners, frequent damages, and surplus reinsurance costs, most insurers are struggling to meet business ends. Also, being profit-making organizations they tend to protect their interests before they safeguard yours. 

We at Experienced Public Adjusters think differently. We work in your best interest and believe in helping you get the compensation needed to restore all damages after a hurricane. We have trained subject-matter experts on our team who know how to deal with your insurers. We understand your troubles and sentiments a lot more than anyone else. Our job is not just making a claim but making it right to avoid setbacks. 

So reach out to Experienced Public Adjusters for guidance about filing a hurricane damage claim in Daytona Beach.