How Do I File An AIG Claim?

How do you file and AIG Claim?

Before opening any homeowner or business property insurance claim you should always have a free consultation with an Experienced Public Adjuster. We are here to serve the public’s best interest and advocate for them. (407) 212-8669

AIG has customized property insurance policies for their special high net worth clientele. AIG’s Private Client high-value home insurance policy is an exclusive example of one of the company’s specialized products and is custom-tailored for many affluent and high net worth households. It’s a comprehensive homeowner’s policy designed for fine and exquisite homes.

For immediate assistance, contact AIG at:
T (888) 760-9195
F (866) 858-1472
For U.S.-based clients who are traveling abroad: +1 (302) 482-6000

Experienced Public Adjusters is knowledgeable and specializes in understanding the coverages and exclusions in the outstanding policy features available with AIG Private Client.

Experienced Public Adjusters understand the needs of this elite class of homeowners. We are discreet and protect your privacy. We provide our clients with a confidentiality agreement to protect their privacy when we take on the honor of representing them in the insurance claims process.  Please call us today for a free insurance claim consultation.

(407) 212-8669