Experienced Public Adjusters Settles a $380,000 Chubb Insurance Claim

Experienced Public Adjusters Settles A $380,000 Chubb Insurance Claim!
A 316% Increase Over Chubb Insurance Company’s Initial Offer!

Public Adjuster, David Dwyer takes this water damage claim from start to final settlement. He settled the claim 316% higher than the initial offer that he assisted in negotiating.

5 STARS Testimonial by Chubb’s Policyholders

My husband and I hired Mr. David Dwyer from Experienced Public Adjuster in August 2018 to represent us on our claim against Chubb (Our homeowner’s insurance company). Mr. Dwyer has many years of experience in the home insurance industry, he is very knowledgeable about the industry’s laws and regulations, and he is very professional, highly motivated, persistent, and caring. During our first meeting with Mr. Dwyer, he let us know his approach to file our claim and the various steps that he will follow to settle our claim (i.e., contacting top-notch consultants and team members, etc.). From the first day that he took over our claim to the day that we settled our claim, he was in continuous communication with us via many phone calls, texts, and emails to let us know the progress of our claim.

The report Mr. Dwyer filed for our claim was very detailed and extensive. Mr. Dwyer was present the three times that the Chubb’s representatives came over to our house to do their inspections. Whenever we had questions regarding our policy or our claim, he was present 24/7. Mr. Dwyer did an outstanding job, he went above and beyond the call of duty, and we appreciated it very much. Thanks to Mr. Dwyer, our claim was settled in March 2019 in a successful manner.
We highly recommend Mr. David Dwyer whenever you need an experienced Public Adjuster to file a claim against your homeowner’s insurance company. Do not hesitate to give him a call!