How Do I File a Heritage Property & Casualty Insurance Claim?

Heritage Property & Casualty Insurance Company, founded in 2012, is an affiliate of Heritage Insurance Holdings, Inc., a publicly-traded company. They offer the usual home, condo, rental property, and commercial residential insurance through a network of agents in Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Their standard homeowner’s policy (HO3) product provides insurance related to common perils, like fire, lightning, and theft.

Additionally, they have coverage for personal liability and medical payments to others injured due to your fault, if you’re unable to use your home while it’s being repaired, personal possessions and valuables, and coverage for other structures.

There is nothing exceptional about the insurance policies offered by Heritage as these are available with other insurers as well. Since they do not have an online tool for getting quotes, information about their pricing is not readily available. 

How Do I File a Heritage Property & Casualty Insurance Claim? Contact Experienced Public Adjusters! We do all the work to make sure you are treated fairly and get the claim you are entitled to! 

  • You cannot file a claim online on their website as they don’t have that facility, making the Heritage Insurance claims process a trifle inconvenient.
  • Once you call in a claim, someone from the claims response team will contact you. 
  • You need to secure your home against further damage by switching off the main electricity, stopping incoming water from the main valve, removing furniture and drapes to avoid soiling. 
  • Take pictures and save all damaged articles as they may be required as evidence supporting your claim. 
  • Heritage has a Platinum Preferred Savings Program, which gives their customers a 10% discount on their deductible, they receive round-the-clock customer service and free access to Contractors Alliance Network, and concierge support until their home is restored. 

As per ValuePengiun, a personal financial website, their complaint ratio, a measure of how often customers complain compared to their market size, ranks 14th amongst the 23 largest home insurance companies in Florida. 

Heritage is in this business to make a profit, so they always try to reduce the amount of payout towards claim settlements. Having suffered a loss, you are anxious to rebuild your property with the finances that you expect to receive from your insurer but you are entirely unready for the long drawn out claim procedure. This is the juncture when you need an ally, someone who will guide you through the formalities and the negotiation – hiring a professional Public Adjuster is the answer. The state department of insurance licenses Public Adjusters so that the public benefits from their assistance during an insurance claim negotiation.

At Experienced Public Adjusters, we have a team that is well-versed in dealing with insurers. We are knowledgeable regarding claim documentation, policy language, finding experts for specific requirements, and negotiating to get you the settlement you deserve. 

Reach out for our comprehensive support with filing your Heritage Property & Casualty Insurance claim.