Hail Size Explained! What Size Hail Will Cause Hail Damage To Your Home Or Business?

Hail Damage
According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, hail causes an average of $1 billion damage to crops and property each year; some years have exceeded more than $2 billion in damage.
What size hail causes damage? penny size hail, pea-size hail, nickel size hail, quarter size hail, ping pong size hail?
How extensive is Quarter Size Hail Damage?
Anyone whose property is struck by hail needs to have licensed professionals check to make sure there is damage. Do not let someone walk up and knock on your door and tell you to open up a claim because he or she knows there is damage. 99% of the time they are just unlicensed salespeople with no knowledge or expertise on roof damage. Not all hail storms cause damage or enough damage that you should open up an insurance claim. However, Pea-sized hail (1/4 of an inch) or marble-sized hail (1/2 inch) might not cause damage. Anything larger, say a dime or a quarter (3/4 to one inch) can cause serious and severe damage. Golf ball-sized hail is 1 ¾ inch and softball-sized hail is 4 ½ inches according to NOAA.
Only a professional should evaluate the extent of the damage to your business or your home. Call an Experienced Public Adjuster for a free Hail Damage Claim evaluation. Experienced Public Adjusters (407) 212-8669
Hail size explained

Pea = 1/4 inch diameterMarble/mothball = 1/2 inch diameter

Dime/Penny = 3/4 inch diameter – hail penny size or larger is considered severe

Nickel = 7/8 inch

Quarter = 1 inch

Ping-Pong Ball = 1 1/2 inch

Golf Ball = 1 3/4 inches

Tennis Ball = 2 1/2 inches

Baseball = 2 3/4 inches

Tea cup = 3 inches

Grapefruit = 4 inches

Softball = 4 1/2 inches

Source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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Hail Can Damage to Yachts, Commercial Jets, Private Jets, and Luxury Automobiles. Experienced Public Adjusters do more than just adjust residential claims and commercial insurance claims.