Filing a Fire Damage Claim

Fire Damage – Daytona Beach

Since fire can reduce your home, structure, and belongings to ashes within no time, you need to take adequate precautions. Even smoke has the potential to harm inanimate objects as well as the people living in your home. Installing a smoke and fire alarm in your home could be a step in the right direction. Following simple and practical guidelines on fire-preparedness is another positive action:

  •         Always keep a fire extinguisher handy and install smoke detectors. Don’t throw water on the fire.
  •         When cooking, be aware of grease fires in the kitchen – keep the lid of the pot next to it so that the fire can be easily quelled by covering it with a lid.
  •         Keep inflammable material like mitts, wooden spoons, towels, packing material away from the stove-top.
  •         At night, switch off and remove the plugs of electrical appliances that are plugged in.
  •         Don’t leave a candle burning unattended.

And to protect your lovely home in Daytona Beach, you need to purchase a good homeowner’s insurance policy from a reputed insurance carrier. While a standard homeowner’s insurance policy will cover damage resulting from fire, it’s always a good idea to read all the exclusions carefully. If fire damage is not included, you could also opt for a fire insurance policy in addition to your existing homeowner’s insurance policy. This will provide coverage in case of fire due to any reason like a gas explosion, faulty wiring, wildfire, or lightning. Your coverage would either be on an actual cash value or replacement cost basis. In a rare situation where repair is impossible and it’s considered to be a total loss, your insurance company would rebuild your home at market value. Your insurance policy may also include coverage for injuries sustained by you due to the fire damage.

A fire insurance claim can get very difficult as insurance carriers are constrained to reduce your amount of pay-out as it threatens their profitability. So, the best thing is to contact a public adjuster who is a licensed professional. Connect with Experienced Public Adjusters in Daytona Beach for the best possible management of your fire claim. Right from assisting with the paperwork and the on-site inspections, we negotiate with the insurance company to get you a fair settlement. Our expert team is familiar with the state statutes, building codes, local construction costs, and permitting requirements.