Electrical Damage – Orlando

What is electrical damage? How does it occur? How do I protect myself against it? Will my home insurance policy cover me against the damage to my property and personal belongings? 

Electrical damage is one of the most severe and widespread perils that you may face. An electrical short-circuit can destroy expensive electrical appliances, your laptop computer, precious electronics and can even start a fire.

Let’s look at some common reasons for electrical problems that lead to damage:

  •         A power surge – frequent surges can damage the components of electrical appliances.
  •         Overloading power boards – you could be inviting trouble when connecting too many appliances to one power board.
  •         Tripping the circuit breaker – the job of a circuit breaker is to arrest the flow of electricity when the power usage exceeds the sanctioned load.  This happens when appliances requiring high wattage are used concurrently. Tripping your circuit breaker is a good thing because it means that your circuit breaker is working fine. However, should your circuit breaker not work, then it can result in a fire. 
  •         A lightning strike – power surges are created in power cables or transmission links during a lightning strike. It travels through your home’s wiring and destroys plugged-in appliances.

To protect your cherished home in Orlando from electrical damage, purchase a Homeowner’s insurance policy that will cover natural calamities as well as other perils like theft, vandalism, plumbing leaks as well as electrical damage. Living and working in an exciting city like Orlando means that you can have both good and bad experiences. It is known as ‘The City Beautiful,’ a moniker earned for its gorgeous parks, oceanfront activities, and famous attractions like Walt Disney World Resort. With a population of 290520, there is a significant Hispanic, Caribbean, and West Indian population in Orlando. Due to the itinerant tourist population and the high crime rate in Orlando, purchasing a homeowner’s insurance is essential. Where electrical damage is concerned, protecting your property with reputed homeowner’s insurance is one solution. The other effective solution is to get a professional electrician to complete regular electrical maintenance to detect problems.

If you face electrical damage in your home, please inform your insurance provider and call an electrician to assist you. It would be good to switch off the mains and call Emergency services in case of fire. Even though your homeowner’s policy covers electrical damage to your property and personal belongings, a public adjuster’s services would be beneficial. If your insurance adjuster has overlooked some stuff or has not determined the cost of your belongings correctly, a public adjuster will ensure that it’s done. 

Contact Experienced Public Adjusters for your electrical damage claim in Orlando. Our professional team of adjusters is licensed and skilled in all types of claim processing. You may confidently leave the entire claims process in our hands, right from identifying the electrical damage, getting the paperwork in order, negotiating with the insurance provider, and getting you a well-deserved settlement.