Electrical Damage – Tampa

You may have often wondered how electrical damage occurs? And is it covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy?

Tampa is a multi-cultural city as historically, immigrants from countries like Cuba, Germany, Italy, and Spain settled here. This influence is evident in its food, nightlife, and architecture. Its economy is flourishing as many new residential and commercial projects have been planned. Affordable housing and no income tax add to your savings. Living in Tampa, you must ensure that you have purchased a homeowner’s insurance policy as it will protect you against both natural disasters as well as other risks like leaking pipes, theft, vandalism, or even electrical damage.

So, what are the signs of electrical damage?

A strange burning odor, overheated appliances, sparking from outlets, and flickering lights are some signs that there may be trouble brewing in your wiring.

Pay attention to some warning signals like:

-Dysfunctional switches. This may indicate a problem in the wiring, the circuit or a fault in the outlet.

-Flickering lights or sparking electrical outlet. This could mean a loose connection in the wiring, water seepage in the connection, or old wiring.

-Electric shocks. When you touch an electrical appliance, a tingling feeling indicates an electric shock due to improper wiring or a ground fault.

It is not always easy to detect and repair electrical problems yourself. It’s best to call a professional electrician to inspect your wiring and suggest remediation. Disconnect the electricity from the source to avoid further devastation by calling an electrician.

Electrical damage is one of the perils covered by a typical homeowner’s insurance policy. If you want your insurance claim to be approved by the insurance provider, you need to provide them with evidence that it happened suddenly. A long-festering problem would point in the direction of negligence. And insurance companies are always looking for reasons not to pay the amount of settlement demanded by their clients. Therefore, always keep the receipts once your electrician has completed maintenance. After informing your insurance provider of the electrical damage, please prepare a list of all items that have been destroyed and photograph the damage to your home. Do contact a public adjuster too. A public adjuster is a licensed professional who has been appointed to represent the public in matters related to property insurance claims.

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