Damage from Hurricane Ian

The damage from Hurricane Ian has insurance adjusters very busy. Numbers are still coming in, but we could end up with as much as $75 billion in insured losses from this storm. Hurricane Ian could go down as one of the costliest storms in U.S. history. It tore a path of destruction through the Caribbean, then strengthened and made landfall in SW Florida. It then crossed over Florida and made landfall again in South Carolina. It was the strongest September Hurricane since Felix in 2007. On September 28, Ian became a category four hurricane with sustained winds reaching 150 mph. This tied the record for the fifth strongest hurricane to strike the United States. 

The storm wreaked havoc on populated areas of southwest Florida, including Ft. Myers, Naples, and Sanibel Island. The death toll from hurricane Ian is almost 100 lives lost. 

Like most insurance claims, much of the damage from Ian was from water. Damage to homes and businesses from the coastal surge wiped out homes and businesses near the shore. Further, inland flooding hit record levels across much of Central Florida.

There is little doubt that storm-related litigation will last far into the future. Many mega insurance companies will fight to underpay or even deny rightful claims. 

Call Experienced Public Adjusters to file your insurance claim if a storm has damaged your home. They will work with you and the insurance company’s adjuster from start to finish. Our qualified team knows how to find hidden damage the insurance company conveniently didn’t see. This could cost you seriously in the future if not repaired right away. 

For financial assistance after the storm, you could get $700 from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to pay for food, bills, loss of income, and more. Apply here https://www.usa.gov/disaster-area-help

You could get help with a Small Business Administration loan if your area has been approved by applying here https://www.sba.gov/funding-programs/disaster assistance/hurricane-ian
There are programs in place at the Internal Revenue Service that could make you eligible for tax relief. Apply here: https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/help-for-victims-of-hurricane-ian
If your roof has been damaged, you could get a free temporary roof through the Army Corps of Engineers. Call 888-766-3258 to learn more or visit https://www.usace.army.mil/Missions/Emergency-Operations/Blue-Roof-Information/

Count your blessings if you and your loved ones came through Hurricane Ian safely. We understand the difficulty you will face as you begin to rebuild your lives. Experienced Public Adjusts stands ready to help with your insurance claim. Call us today to speak with a State Approved Florida Public Adjuster.