Damage from Hurricane Nicole

Extensive Damage from Hurricane Nicole is being reported by insurance companies who are on the hook to pay fair settlements to their insured clients. Unfortunately, much of the damage from Hurricane Nicole was from rising waters. Many insurance company policies do not cover this type of damage. The storm surge from Nicole dug out the earth under foundations along the coast and is causing County Officials to condemn many of them before they crumble into the sea.

Hurricane Nicole was a very slow-moving storm. It started to make shore around 1 am in Vero Beach, Florida but didn’t make official landfall until 3 am. Strong winds tore down trees, knocked out power, and tossed boats that were still in the water around like toys. Unfortunately, by the end of that day, 5 lives had been taken by Hurricane Nicole.

The financial losses being reported from the storm are in the billions of dollars. Between $5 billion and $7 billion in losses is to be expected. This comes on the heels of Hurricane Ian’s Damage in the tune of $50 billion! When Nicole made landfall, the maximum sustained winds were reported to be 75 mph at 3 am. At 4 am, it was downgraded to tropical storm Nicole with maximum sustained winds at 70 mph. The Storm then moved across Central Florida and emerged in the Gulf of Mexico before going north and exiting the continental United States in the North East.

The storm left more than 50 Florida Communities under a State of Emergency as Declared by Governor Ron DeSantis.

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