Crop, Farm and Livestock Damage

New changes in policies can make it difficult to be successful at winning a crop damage claim.  You need an Experienced Public Adjuster to prove it.

Now that most insurance policies are specifically written for county farm averages, detailing those losses and getting paid fairly for them could come down to how well you have kept your records or your accounting books. It is essential to keep track of your crop yields on a field by field basis and have the documentation to back that up with your yield monitor data in order to make sure you have what you need to gain insurance coverage on your insurance claim. It is also a good idea to maintain marking bin levels in cases of shared storage.

Seasonality is important because in different crop season most producers depending on the season are in enterprise units; so you may have all of your fields together in a county. It’ll be harder to file an insurance claim and prove a loss. And because sometimes there are going to be higher prices for example in the fall than they were in the spring season, you will naturally use the higher fall prices to calculate your lost revenue guarantee. In reality, it’s hard to prove you have a valid and substantial loss unless you’ve got significant yield loss.  Keeping those bushels separate by field will give you a better chance to gain coverage on a significant loss across all of your fields in the county. Now the hard part is making your cases and justifying your claim to your insurance carrier adjuster.

Did you wait to long to file an insurance claim? Ranchers and Farmers who have already harvested their crops and experienced their losses need to contact a Public Insurance Adjuster right away before opening an insurance claim.  Once you open a claim a company field adjuster will need to visit your farm or ranch and having a public adjuster by your side and having good documentation could make your the claims process go smoother.

Call An Experienced Public Adjuster today to review any loss that has occurred on your ranch or farm and they will provide you a free claim evaluation so you know your rights before you make a decision to open an insurance claim!