Can Storm Induced Opening Cause Stucco Cracks?

If you want to know if a wind storm, water damage, tornado, hurricane, and hail storm with high-velocity winds can cause stucco damage? The answer is YES!

Usually and Engineer is needed to make this determination and give their expert engineering opinion.

Here is an example of a possible engineering opinion:

“The stucco damage observed at the subject property was the initiation of cracks due to pressure
differentials associated with high wind loading which deflected the exterior second floor exterior
walls beyond normal limits of deflection that resulted in cracking of the stucco and moisture
intrusion through storm induced openings in the soffits and window frames. The cracks in the
stucco (storm induced openings) combined with moisture intrusion from the damaged soffits and
window frames allowing for moisture accumulation between the stucco and exterior walls. The
moisture accumulation between the stucco and exterior walls exacerbated the cracking in the
stucco as periodic movement of building materials caused by changes in temperature and
humidity further stressed the stucco and created additional gaps and separations. These
separations or gaps are usually caused by fluctuations in moisture content (i.e., hygrometric
response, a change in dimension with changes in moisture).
The moisture accumulations that resulted in documented stucco damage was due to storm
induced openings in the roof covering, windows and doors, and soffits which resulted from high
wind events associated with the severe weather event on the date of loss. Other areas of stucco
damage (not visible) should be assumed and the areas determine to have moisture accumulation
(thermal images) and de-bonded areas (mechanical sounding) between the stucco finish and the
exterior wall surfaces would be an accurate estimation of the areas in need of stucco repair.”

What is a hygrometric response? This is the response that can be used to determine the cause of property damage to a home or business. A Hygrometer can be used to measure the amount of water vapour in the air, along with measuring the humidity level. In order for there to be a hygrometric response, the is usually changes in the amount of water vapor in the air and the level of humidity. Most of this time this can occur from rapid changes in the water vapour levels or humidity levels that can be tied to storm induced opening to your home or business.

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