Burst Pipe Water Damage

Is a burst pipe a covered insurance claim? Usually the answer is YES! (But each individual policy is different and needs to be reviewed.)

Burst Pipe Water Damage

A burst pipe, wax seal leak, broken water pipe, sewer blockage, toilet overflow, shower pan leak, plumbing leak, or slab leak can a massive amount of damage to your home or business.  What you do not realize is you are about to open an insurance claim and begin on a bumpy journey what could be a long and frustrating insurance claims process to recover a fair settlement that brings you back to pre-loss condition. Water damaging leaks from pipe breaks, burst pipes, frozen pipe bursts, pipe leaks, pipe slab leaks, water heater leaks, and appliances with leaks do extensive damage to so many aspects of your home such as vanities, walls, flooring, cabinets, and much more! Don’t forget about your contents or sometimes called personal property like your confidential papers, furniture, electronics, clothing, photographs which could all be unsalvageable (lost forever) and left with no little to no value. Some items like collectibles or antiques may need to be properly valued by a conservator if you want it saved or an specific expert appraiser.

Although most insurance companies will not pay for the repair of the pipe itself, they will pay for the access to the pipe and the resulting damages to your home from the water and most likely the mold damage you will incur after a water loss.

Call A Public Adjuster before taking on this challenge yourself.

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