Wind Damage – Lake Mary

It’s quite common to have wind damage in Lake Mary. Back in the day, Lake Mary was a sleepy agricultural community later developed by a chemist called Frank Evans to include a school, commercial buildings, new homes, a post office, and the Chamber of Commerce. It’s come a long way since and is today the most coveted residential area due to its many gated communities, good public schools, friendly locals, and low crime rate. To pay homage to Lake Mary’s natural beauty, you can indulge in many outdoor sports, and if you wish for some more entertainment,  then Orlando is just a stone’s throw away!

The weather here is mostly warm, and the hottest month is July, speckled with thunderstorms and lightning. While it is not in the hurricane zone, tropical storms Debby and Beryl made their presence felt in 2012. High winds can cause immense damage as they affect the very fabric of your home’s structure. Broken windows and doors, damaged roofs, dented sidings, upended fences, etc. are just some of the destruction caused by strong winds. So, we recommend that you purchase a good homeowner’s insurance policy and become aware of the steps to contain the damage due to wind. Whether you live in an upscale apartment, a luxury townhome or in a gated community, you need to have peace of mind.

So, ask yourself how you can make yourself wind or storm-ready?

In case there is a storm forecast, do the following:

  •         Locate your insurance policy and understand the perils that are covered. Homeowners’ policies do not cover damage from the flooding that is caused by a hurricane.
  •         Keep your important papers, including a valid ID on your person. Store your valuables with a friend for safe-keeping.
  •         Fix storm shutters or plywood panels to protect your windows and ensure that all doors and windows are properly locked.
  •         Chop dead branches from the trees around your house, do a quick check to see that no overhanging tree limbs are touching the power lines or your roof.
  •         Loose items in your yard like furniture, or flower pots, should be anchored to the ground as strong winds could uproot them, and they will get hurled against your house, leading to immense damage.
  •         Have a few flashlights handy with extra batteries and keep your mobile phone charged.

During the storm, move your family to the basement and keep away from windows, skylights, and glass doors. Stay tuned to the T.V or radio for updates on the weather conditions. If there is no power, switch off the major appliances to reduce the chances of damage if a power surge occurs when electricity returns. After the storm has abated, call your insurance provider and a good public adjuster like Experienced Public Adjusters for a free claim review. You can ventilate your home and start taking photographs of damaged areas and items. Wind damage may not be visible at first, but later on, the fine cracks in your roof start widening, allowing water to seep and creating monumental problems to your home’s structure. So, permit our team to be present when your insurance field adjuster comes to inspect your property as we are the experts in both home insurance and wind damage claims. We handle the entire claims process and ensure that you receive a fair settlement.

Contact Experienced Public Adjusters in Lake Mary for your wind damage claim!