Wind Claim Fort Lauderdale

Thinking of moving to Fort Lauderdale, the Yachting Capital of the World? The beautiful weather, residential property, and scenic neighborhoods could be factors that attract you.

Do remember that tropical storms and hurricanes are a regular occurrence in Broward County. This scenic coastal city in Florida has, in the past, experienced hurricanes like Katrina, Wilma, and Irma, which have wreaked havoc on everyday life. Residents of Fort Lauderdale know that winds can be extremely disruptive and damaging. The shingles on your roof could blow-off, exposing your home to more damage. The breakages that are easily discernible, like sidings gone awry and detached walls, can be repaired, but what about insidious harm to your home’s structure, which will show up in the long run? This can be revealed only if you get thorough scrutiny done by a licensed storm inspector. You should get a brittle test done as well to determine if your roof qualifies for a complete replacement instead of merely repairing it.

Strong winds can cause tree branches to break and fall on your roof, lifting or curling roof shingles, loosening chimney flashing, and causing roof leaks and gutter damage. You need to consider all these scenarios when you opt for insurance protection. A standard homeowner’s policy will typically include cover for wind, hail, fire, lightning, or if the pipes in your home burst. For your Fort Lauderdale home, you should consider a comprehensive homeowners’ insurance policy coverage so that besides hurricanes and thunderstorms, your home will also be protected from harm due to theft, vandalism, fire, roof damage, pipe leaks, etc. In this area, you could choose an insurance company like StateFarm, Great Florida Insurance, Universal Property and Casualty, Allstate, and Floridian Coastline Insurance.


Check if your homeowner’s insurance policy has hurricane or wind deductibles, set at a percentage of the value of your home, so do understand the contents of your policy document before purchasing it. Understand your coverage options, well. Often there is stuff written in small print that you may ignore but will become a problem when you register a claim. Unfortunately, most insurers are not upfront when sharing the extent of damage, or they aren’t knowledgeable enough. Purchasing a homeowner’s insurance from a reputed insurance carrier is definitely a good move, but when it’s time to file a claim, it’s best to appoint a public adjuster’s services. A public adjuster like Experienced Public Adjusters who operate in this area will be completely aware of the fallout of wind damage. It is typical of insurance companies to ignore, reduce or deny claims as they are just interested in lowering their pay-outs. To ensure that you get a fair deal without having to spend time and energy to get what is rightfully yours, our team at Experienced  Public Adjusters is at your service.

So, if you’re living and working in the Fort Lauderdale area and need to file a wind claim, remember to get in touch with Experienced Public Adjusters. We are a licensed and professional adjusting firm and believe in keeping your interest in the fore-front. We have a team of skilled adjusters who are hard-working and knowledgeable. Once you contact us, your worries are ours!  Right from going through your policy document to understand the coverage to conduct ‘on the ground’ inspections, we create a strong claim. We ensure that you get a just settlement for your wind claim in Fort Lauderdale.