Who Is Florida’s Best Public Adjuster?

Experienced Public Adjusters has a superior training program than most firms and has the knowledge and expertise to maximize your settlement in order to help you reach a fair settlement. We do not just advocate for you, we fight to win! The job of a public adjuster in order to be the best Florida Public Adjusting firm is not just to be good negotiators, we also need to know state and local building codes, permitting requirements, construction costs, policy language, and Florida Statutes pertaining to first-party property claims.

When opening an insurance claim you should always seek the advice of an experienced public adjuster. We offer free insurance claim evaluations and free home inspections. We want to be with you from the start to help you navigate these treacherous waters so that no mistakes are made that could prevent you from being granted coverage or being paid fairly.

Florida is known for having the highest amount of insurance claims filed every year. They also have the most amount of Public Adjusters in their state due to the high claim volume. Tropical Storms and Hurricanes have a high probability of occurring each year.

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