Which Type Of Adjuster Do I Need? Public Adjuster

Which Type Of Adjuster do you need to hire when you have a homeowner or business owner insurance claim? There are three main types of adjusters:

  1. A Public Adjuster sometimes knows as a Private Adjuster or Public Insurance Adjuster is an advocate solely for the insured and can only work the homeowner and business owner as their representative or fiduciary agent helping them investigate the claim, provide a detailed estimate of the loss, and effectively negotiating the settlement of a claim. A Public Adjuster has more requirements than the others as they are required currently in Florida to be appointed by a fully licensed Florida Adjuster and complete a 6-month apprenticeship along with passing the State of Florida’s Public Adjusters Exam requirement. They also must carry a $50,000 surety bond at all times to maintain their license along with taking continuing education credits. 
  2. An Independent Adjuster carries a 06-20 Florida All Lines Adjuster License through the Department of Financial Services in Florida and works primarily independently for one or more insurance companies writing estimates and scoping losses for a fee. They would primarily be Field adjuster but that is not the case all the time. Many insurance companies outsource the entire adjusting team to independent adjusting firms. No State Exam is required, just an accredited 40 hour all lines adjuster course. 
  3. A Company Adjuster is an adjuster who is employed by the insurance carrier and only can work for one company. They can be company desk adjusters or company field adjusters. They also only carry a 06-20 Florida All Lines Adjusters licensed and they must be appointed by the Insurance Company that employes them. No State Exam is required, just an accredited 40 hour all lines adjuster course. 

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