What Is A Mold Remediator?

What is a Mold Remediator?

Florida Requires Mold Remediators to be Licensed by The Florida Department Of Business and Professional Regulation.

A Florida Licensed Mold Remediator is responsible for the cleaning and removal of mold in accordance with a “Mold Assessment Report” or sometimes called a “Mold Protocol.” The goal of a Mold Remediator is to perform the safe removal of mold from a home or a business in order to mitigate damages and protect the health and safety of individuals residing in a structure. After they complete their work they are supposed to have a License Mold Assessor test the home to make sure it is safe and perform an assessment and if the results come back that the remediator has completed the removal of the mold then a Post Remediation Verification clearance will be provided to the homeowner.

The State of Florida Defines a Mold Remediator as someone who performs mold remediation under Florida Statute 468.8411 as:

(5) “Mold remediation” means the removal, cleaning, sanitizing, demolition, or other treatment, including preventive activities, of mold or mold-contaminated matter of greater than 10 square feet that was not purposely grown at that location; however, such removal, cleaning, sanitizing, demolition, or other treatment, including preventive activities, may not be work that requires a license under chapter 489 unless performed by a person who is licensed under that chapter or the work complies with that chapter.
(6) “Mold remediator” means any person who performs mold remediation. A mold remediator may not perform any work that requires a license under chapter 489 unless the mold remediator is also licensed under that chapter or complies with that chapter.
It is common for people to find the mold and call in a claim without knowing what caused the mold. A Public Adjuster would assist the homeowner or business owner in evaluating the loss to see if there is a viable insurance claim and a cause of loss that is covered under the language of their insurance policy. There also may be a $10,000 mold cap on coverage for mold in your policy. It essential that you determine if the mold was caused by a covered water loss. If you find mold call and Experienced Public Adjuster for a free home inspection and claim evaluation today.

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