What can cause a plumbing leak or pipe to burst in a warm climate?

What can cause a plumbing leak or pipe burst in a warm climate?

People that live in cold weather climates know to watch out for burst pipes in the winter months.  Pipe bursts are a problem in cold weather because they are caused by water freezing and expanding within the pipe.  What many people do not realize is that a pipe burst can happen in warm climate as well.  This affects homeowners all over the U.S.  Burst pipes in a home are a major issue because the water will burst out of the pipe will cause indoor flooding which can lead to extensive damage.  All homeowners must check their pipes or from time to time have a plumber inspect them throughout the year and take care of any pipe leaks or noticeable damage that could cause a pipe burst.

The following are potential causes of a pipe burst that you should look out for in warmer climates like in Florida:

    • Bad Installation: Pipe leaks can happen if there is a poorly soldered or fitted connection between pipes. If you notice a problem in the connection of your pipes or you are not sure if you are at risk you should call a professional to complete an annual inspection of your plumbing or call immediately to fix the problem before it leads to a burst pipe.
    • Rusty Pipes: Pipes, like anything else in your home, only last for so long and will eventually start to wear out or rust over. Too much rusting or wear and tear makes them susceptible to bursts.  The time frame at which pipes wear out depends on what the pipes are made of, how often they are used, and the condition of the water in the pipes.  It is  recommended that you have a professional inspect your pipes and replace the ones that have become weak or rusty or outdated technology.
    • Hard Water: Hard water refers to water that has a high content of magnesium and calcium. These minerals can be very harmful to your pipes. These minerals have been known to corrode the pipes and cause holes that allow the water to flow out. The calcium and magnesium can build up within the pipes and even in faucets, slowing the flow of the water.
    • If you have a plumbing leak, slab leak, pipe burst you will most likely suffer a major loss to your home and the contents in your home.Filing an insurance claim is most likely your only option. We recommend you call a Public Adjuster and find a restoration company that works for private homeowners and not primarily insurance carriers. The reason you do not want to work with restoration companies that primarily survive on the revenue from Insurance carriers is because they make sure they don’t bill to high or they could loose their revenue stream. This could lead to them doing a poor job on drying your home out completely or making the proper remediation recommendations. Contact Us Today! Experienced Public Adjusters is here to help you reach a fair settlement. (407) 212-8669