Tropical Storms in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is one of the three major cities in South Florida. It’s an affluent community with progressive business ethics and good job opportunities. Downtown West Palm Beach offers great culinary delights and local craft breweries. Clematis street displays many colorful murals created by skillful muralists and well-known street artists. If you’re looking for adventure, you could try snorkeling, jet-skiing, paddle-boating, or relaxing on a sunset cruise. Simply put, living in West Palm Beach is a dream come true!

However, with the storm season in full swing, it’s time to safeguard your home and property. When purchasing home insurance, understand which perils are covered, the special provisions, and the inclusions, exclusions, and deductions. In West Palm Beach, where storm and wind damage are commonplace, you could check with your insurance provider for discounts. Save on premium by protecting your doors and windows with impact-resistant glass, augmenting your roof structure with clips or straps and nails which are closely spaced. Also, ensure that your roof coverings are in line with the code.

Most homeowners’ insurance does not cover flood damage. Flood damage refers to the destruction caused by the collection of water as a result of natural calamities like hurricanes, earthquakes, heavy rainfall, storms, etc. For all other perils, you have traditional home insurance. Flood insurance is offered under the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) managed by FEMA. As per the FEMA, the NFIP is the country’s largest single-line insurance program delivering nearly $1.3 trillion in coverage against floods and caters to more than five million policyholders nationwide.

Some important features of this program are:

  • It is written by licensed insurance agents and the premiums are determined by the level of risk of your home’s locality, that is whether it is in a high-risk or a moderate- to low-risk area.
  •  If you live in any one amongst the 23,000 participating NFIP communities, you are eligible to apply for flood insurance.
  • If you have taken a mortgage from a government-backed lender and live in a high-risk flood area, purchasing separate flood insurance is mandatory.
  • NFIP ensures that flood insurance is delivered to the public by a network of more than 50 insurance companies and the NFIP direct.
  • If you have suffered flood damage, you can get an advance payment of up to $5,000; this is given without an inspection or any documentation.
  • Once you buy flood insurance from NFIP, the policy becomes effective after 30 days. The compensation you can receive from a homeowner’s flood insurance policy will cover only the cost of actual damage caused by the flood. 



For all other damages, traditional home insurance comes in handy; however, when it’s time to make a claim, things can get tricky. That’s when Experienced Public Adjusters come into the picture. We’re a team of well-trained, licensed professionals who manage your claim process from beginning to end. Experienced Public Adjusters is a well-known public adjusting firm in Florida. We understand insurance and the workings of insurance companies; this aids in negotiating successfully and managing obstacles that may come in the way of your receiving a fair settlement.

Contact us for support with your tropical storm claim in West Palm Beach.