Tropical Cyclone Nine Heads Toward Florida

Tropical Cyclone Nine will become a named storm in the Atlantic Ocean and its track has it heading for the Florida Coast. When it becomes a Tropical Storm it will be named Tropical Storm Isaias and it may possibly turn into Hurricane Isaias. We can expect torrential rain downfall and flooding. Wind damage to buildings and homes. Wind-borne debris damage, tornado damage, roof damage, tornadoes, falling trees, falling objects, flying objects, lightning damage, loss of power damage, food spoilage, and personal property damage.

The first thing you need to do is protect the health and safety of your family and follow the guidance of your local and state officials. If an evacuation is ordered make sure you photograph all your personal contents left in your home. Document as much as you can before you evacuate. Then you need to call an Experienced Public Adjuster to inspect your home for damages upon return. If you decide to stay please take shelter and board up your windows and follow the recommendation of experts. Once you have had a chance to make sure family and friends are safe you need to hire a Public Adjuster and open a claim as soon as possible. Then you have a duty after a loss to mitigate for future damages. Be careful not to hire contractors with contracts that can leave you with a mechanics lien or a full AOB where they take your rights away completely.

Public Adjusters or Private Adjusters know the industry and the insurance claims process. Not only can they provide guidance to protect you from contractors that are not licensed or qualified but they will make sure you do not hire people that will end up leaving you with bills that your insurance carrier has not or will not pay.

Call Experienced Public Adjusters after Tropical Storm Isaias or Hurricane Isaias passes and you need to have your structure or home assessed.