Tornado Damage

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Tornadoes are violently strong rotating columns of air that typically are born from a thunderstorm. Some tornadoes wind speeds can reach as high as 200mph. At 200 mph very few structures are safe from destruction. Vehicles are tossed around like toys and there is a serious threat of devastating injury and death.

Tornadoes can happen 12 months out of the year, during daylight or nighttime and can vary greatly in strength.

There are two types of tornado warnings that mean very different things. When a Tornado Watch is issued it means that conditions are right for tornadoes to form. During a Tornado Warning, it means that there has been a tornado sighted and you could be in danger.

Those who have suffered a loss from tornadoes will struggle to properly fill out insurance forms to get the most from their claim because the destruction is so widespread. Understanding how to get the most from your claim is a matter best left to an insurance policy expert like an experienced public adjuster. Even if your damage appears minimal you may have hidden structural damage that only an expert can find and file a claim for.

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