Storm Damage Daytona Beach

 Daytona Beach, a part of Volusia County, is known as the ‘World Center of Racing’ thanks to its famous race track for motorsports- the Daytona International Speedway. Racing track events, many adventure sports, beautiful weather, and alluring beaches attract tourists from all over the world.

Storms and storm surges are common in coastal areas. In Daytona Beach, too, storms can escalate and turn ugly before you realize the intensity of the winds. Therefore, Daytona Beach homeowners need to have home insurance in case of Storm Damage. However, getting a claim for your damaged property is not always easy.

 What are the effects of storms on beaches?

 Many Daytona residents may be aware of beach erosion and its alarming consequences. Strong winds during storms cause weathering on land and storm surges in water bodies. Waves as high as 10 feet eat into the beaches and slashing rains during heavy storms result in destruction and flooding. Coastal surges lead to rapid corrosion of the shoreline and consequent thinning. As the ocean makes incursions into the land, it becomes risky for homeowners. Together with storms, the increasing pollution levels and global warming are also responsible for the rising sea level and gradual coastal erosion. 

If the ground is inundated with water and the foundation of your property starts weakening, the walls of your house can crumble during a violent storm. Using durable materials for construction and regular maintenance can strengthen and keep your property safe. Take care of this planet just as you take care of your home.  

 What should you do?

 During a natural disaster, you need to fortify your doors and windows, monitor local news and weather reports, stock supplies, protect important documents and know your evacuation zone as your home and property will be at risk.

Apart from regular maintenance, most house owners safeguard their precious homes with home insurance. You also need to purchase separate flood insurance, which covers damage from flooding from storms and hurricanes. Flood insurance is issued by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) under FEMA and delivered through a network of selective insurance providers.  

 But, what will you do if you do not get proper compensation for your damages? The wisest move would be to contact Experienced Public Adjusters. We are a firm of reputed public adjusters licensed by the state Department of Finance, and we support you throughout the claim process. Simply put, our public adjusters’ team works on your behalf and not for the insurance company. Our team will assess and inspect the damages, check your policy clauses, estimate the cost of repair and restoration, and get you the claim amount. We at Experienced Public Adjusters understand your challenges and believe in customer satisfaction. Our founder and the entire team believe in doggedly pursuing every case and negotiating with your insurer until we get you the best deal.

For all your storm damage claims in Daytona Beach, contact Experienced Public Adjusters.