Should Insurance Company Have The Right To Let Anyone Inspect Your Home?

In Florida, I have yet to find any Florida Statute that requires insurance companies from being restricted or doing background checks on individuals they send to your home that their policies say you are required to provide them access in order to allow their investigation of a claim. Who knows what kind of background some of these roofing consultants, general contractors, home inspectors, adjusters, company adjusters, independent adjusters, building consultants, estimators, engineers, leak detectors, plumbers, contents contractors, mitigation contractors, remediation contractors, and I am sure I could list more. This is your privately owned home. Maybe there is a law that I am missing but I do not see anything in the Florida Statutes requiring the Insurance Carrier from background checking all these independent contractors they hire to investigate an insurance claim in the privacy of your home.

Your home is your private domain and your family should be healthy and safe from all people that enter your home.

Experienced Public Adjusters stands by all its core values and ethics and integrity are at the foundation of how this company has been successful. And we all at Experienced Public Adjusters start each and every insurance claim with a “winning” attitude! We start your insurance claim out building your claim as if its possible that it will have to be litigated so that we settle the claim in most cases without it ever even reaching an attorney! You have to remember that if your loss is great enough to an insurance carrier they will in many cases use attorneys and time to scare insured into walking away or settling for much less then they deserve. We work with you to make sure that does not happen. We have a team of private adjusters that are there to support your best interest and make sure that you are not mistreated by the big for-profit insurance companies.


This is the Florida Statute 626.854 that is important for you to know!

(b) A public adjuster may not restrict or prevent an insurer, company employee adjuster, independent adjuster, attorney, investigator, or other person acting on behalf of the insurer from having reasonable access at reasonable times to any insured or claimant or to the insured property that is the subject of a claim.