Rising Water Flood Damage CLaim

Flooding has the potential to cause havoc and lead to a loss of life and property. Major floods down the years have become practically unforgettable. The risk of flooding is increasing steadily due to a rise in ocean levels around the world. 

Recently, a nonprofit called First Street Foundation has released the flood risk for every property in 48 states. A new model used to determine the risk of flooding projects that about 14.6 million properties are in jeopardy, 6 million more than government estimates. The researchers have estimated the risk to each property over the next 30 years. 

According to National Geographic, floods in the States are responsible for approximately $6 billion in damage every year. Heavy snowmelt and higher-than-average rainfall washed away the Midwest last spring. Quite often, floods have wiped away entire communities forever, forcing residents to move to another part of the country and start life afresh. 

According to the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), 13 million Americans are estimated to be living within a 100-year flood zone. But a new study published the Environmental Research Letters argues that the real number of people exposed to flood risk in America is over 41 million. This is more than three times FEMA’s estimate.

It is mostly low-lying areas near the coast that suffer these floods, forcing its inhabitants to either make alternate arrangements or move to higher ground areas. Thousands of families in America are at risk of suffering from the impacts of the floods due to the rising sea levels and other climate change effects. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) can provide you with information on the risks of a flood in your area.

Considering these risks, homeowners need to protect their homes, their valuables, collectibles, and other assets from the extensive damage that could be brought on floods. For this, one would need to choose a premium and customizable insurance plan from a well-known carrier.

If your home is damaged and your belongings are either lost or destroyed, the aftermath of a flood would probably be a very traumatic and overwhelming time for you. Receiving the best possible settlement from your insurance carrier can be difficult in these circumstances when you cannot put in the study and negotiations needed. This is exactly when the services of Experienced Public Adjusters come in.

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