3-20 Resident Public Adjuster License

Common Use(s) of License:

A “public adjuster” is any person, except a duly licensed attorney at law as exempted under s. 626.860, who, for money, commission, or any other thing of value, prepares, completes, or files an insurance claim form for an insured or third-party claimant or who, for money, commission, or any other thing of value, acts on behalf of, or aids an insured or third-party claimant in negotiating for or effecting the settlement of a claim or claims for loss or damage covered by an insurance contract or who advertises for employment as an adjuster of such claims. The term also includes any person who, for money, commission, or any other thing of value, solicits, investigates, or adjusts such claims on behalf of a public adjuster.


Step 1 – You must be:

  • A natural person at least 18 years of age.
  • A resident of Florida or maintain a principle places of business in Florida.
  • A United States citizen or legal alien who possesses a work authorization from the United States Immigration and Naturalization Services. [Click here for more information]
  • Not hold a resident license in another state.

Step 2 – Must have the following prerequisite(s) before applying:

  • Has been licensed in this state as an all-lines adjuster, and has been appointed on a continual basis for the previous 6 months as a public adjuster apprentice under s. 626.8561, as an independent adjuster under s. 626.855, or as a company employee adjuster under s. 626.856.[Requires State Examination]
  • File an original fifty thousand-dollar ($50,000) surety bond, using a bond form provided by the Department. [Click here for Bond Form]

Mail original bond to:
Department of Financial Services
Bureau of Licensing, Room 419
200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0319

Step 3 – Apply:

Step 4- Fingerprints:

Step 5- Examination:

  • Upon approval, an email will be sent to you directing you to check your messages in your MyProfile account. Messages are where you may view your notifications from the department, such as an authorization for an examination. Follow the message’s instructions to schedule the examination.
    [Click here for the Exam Information page]

Step 4- Status notification(s):

  • Once an application has been submitted, you may check your MyProfile account for the status of your application. Deficiencies will be listed under the pending license type.
  • Once all the above steps have been satisfied, the department will send your approval by email. You may then go to your MyProfile account and click the “Wallet” and/or “Letter” hyperlink(s), under the “Print Licenses” section, to generate a copy of your license for printing.
  • Note: If you are required to take an examination, you will not be able to print your license until the department has received a passing result from the testing vendor.

Special Note:

  • Attorneys at law duly licensed to practice law in the courts of this state, and in good standing with The Florida Bar are exempt from having to obtain a license per s. 626.860, Florida Statutes. Note: This does not exempt attorneys from the state examination if an adjuster license is applied for.
  • Upon licensure, a public adjuster must be appointed in his or her own name, or by a public adjuster or a public adjusting firm. A public adjuster can only have one appointment.
  • Cannot hold more than one adjuster license at a time.
  • Continuing Education (CE) Requirement: 24 hours due bi-annually by end of licensee’s birth month. When the CE requirement has been generated, the requirement can be viewed in licensee’s MyProfile account. Section 626.2815, Florida Statutes. Public adjuster level courses are designated as CE3-20 and CE5-320 only.  Additional information can be found on our Continuing Education page.
  • Appointment of License: This license requires an appointment to be active. Section 626.112(1)(a), Florida Statutes.  An adjuster can only hold one appointment at a time.
  • Expiration of License: This license will expire if unappointed for 48 months. Section 626.431(3), Florida Statutes.
  • Third party access must be authorized by the licensee through MyProfile in order for the third party to manage the licensing submissions and changes on behalf of the licensee.
  • Related Florida Statutes:  626.854, 626.865