Public Adjusting – Clearwater

The city of Clearwater is located in Pinellas County, along the Gulf Coast making the need for a Clearwater Public Adjuster even more important. It is popular for its white sandy beaches, earning it the ‘Best Beach’ award several times. Water sports is a favorite activity among the tourists here, besides dolphin watching. The weather in Clearwater is considered to be hurricane-prone due to its proximity to the Atlantic. In fact, in 2013, Hurricane Andrea brought heavy rainfall and gusty winds, causing a great deal of destruction to property. So, purchasing a homeowner’s insurance policy is essential, along with hiring the services of a reputed public adjusting firm like Experienced Public Adjusters.

You may wonder, is public adjusting legal? What are the functions of a public adjuster?

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) adopted the Public Adjuster Licensing Model Act in October 2015 to oversee the procedures and the qualifications required for the licensing of public adjusters. So, public adjusting is perfectly legal, and public adjusters work on behalf of the insured; that is, they represent the public in matters pertaining to their insurance claim.

 Public adjusters are licensed by the state Department of Finance. Each state has laid down the educational qualification requirements for a public adjuster; however they are expected to be graduates at a minimum. They may need to be accredited through 40 hours of insurance training and a 6-month apprentice-ship, plus successful completion of an examination before they can start practicing. So, by the time they get their licenses, public adjusters acquire extensive educational and academic expertise.  At Experienced Public Adjusters, we take our adjusters through practical cases that increase their awareness and acumen.

Let’s look at the functions of a public adjuster:

Identifying the clauses corresponding to the damage loss claim: Interpreting a client’s insurance policies to understand the coverage and exclusions with regard to the current claim.

Assessment of the damage: Investigating and validating the damage to property and its contents. Preparing an estimate of the losses.

Documentation: Gathering the relevant paperwork, documenting the damage, and preparing the claim on behalf of the insured.

Negotiation: Liaising with the insurance company to obtain the maximum settlement on behalf of an insured within their policy limits. Reopening a claim and re-negotiating for more money if required.

While we perform all the general functions of public adjusters, we go that extra mile for our customers. The initial contact with your insurance field adjuster and what you say or may not remember to say sets the tone of your claim process. Having us on the spot ensures there is no confusion, and we deal with the field adjuster on your behalf. Our well-trained public adjusters use their superior communication skills to present alternatives to both the client as well as the insurance company in case they reach an impasse. We stand by you from the beginning until the time that you receive your settlement amount, and for that we charge a percentage of the settlement.

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