Public Adjusters in Orlando

Public Adjuster – Orlando

Who is the best public adjuster in Orlando?

Experienced Public Adjusters LLC is the best public adjuster in Orlando. It was founded by David Dwyer to safeguard insurance policy holder’s rights and is bound by its core principles of ethics and integrity. David’s acumen in financial matters and impressive negotiation skills have given the company a solid foundation. While we have a stronghold in Florida, we have spread our wings to encompass multiple states by acquiring licenses there and soon plan to cover all 50 states. Currently, we represent customers in Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and Montana.

Let’s tell you why you should choose Experienced Public Adjusters:

Easy access – We are conveniently located in downtown Orlando which makes us easily reachable at all times. Since we are local, we understand your concerns and use local knowledge to address them to your satisfaction.

Dedicated team – We are proud to have a well-trained and hardworking team of claim adjusters who is always focused on the client’s interest. Our team understands the intricacies of the insurance business and at the same time, keeps abreast of the latest developments in building codes, state statutes, and construction costs. Being multifaceted, we can focus on customer requirements and go beyond their expectations. Our team attends workshops where real-life claim situations are shared to build practical awareness.

Experience in different claim types – We manage various claim types, including wind storm claims, hail claims, plumbing damage claims, pipe leak claims, fire damage claims, water damage claims, theft and burglary claims, etc. Our team is flexible when it comes to managing claims pertinent to a particular region or a market like a hurricane or tornado claims in Florida or ice dams in Montana. This experience makes us non-judgemental and astute.

Transparent processes – We follow complete transparency in our work ethics. At each stage of the entire claims process, commencing with interpreting your insurance policy document and inspecting your property damages, we keep you informed of all our actions. We continually communicate and consult with you so that you know what steps we’re taking, including our decision to hire experts if required. We document and photograph all possible proof so that it is included in the claim to make it indisputable.

On-site assistance – When the insurance adjuster visits your property to assess the damages, we ensure that we are present on-site so that estimates are accurate. We engage with the insurance adjuster and handle their technical queries, relieving you of the burden of getting involved in the process. We also point out the areas of damage that the field adjuster may have missed.

Insurance companies are known to use various strategies to deny claims, especially if they are large as it directly affects their profitability. The field agents who visit your home and prepare a report, basis which your pay-outs are determined, often misrepresent facts. Therefore, it is important to hire a public adjuster like Experienced Public Adjusters to present your interests. Our licensed team of professional adjusters ensures that you receive a fair settlement within the limit of your insurance policy and for all this, we charge you a small percentage of your settlement amount.

In Orlando, contact Experienced Public Adjuster for a free claim review.