Property Damage Claims

In order to protect our homes and belongings from the risk of damage or loss, all homeowners need a homeowner’s insurance policy. These policies are meant for those of us who own the homes that we live in, as well as those of us who rent. Each year, about one in twenty insured homes have to file a claim, so you can imagine how important this coverage is.

Homeowners or renters insurance can compensate you for damage to your home, garage, or other buildings. It also covers you in the event of damage or theft of your belongings. The policy will cover your additional living expenses if you have to live in temporary accommodation while your home is repaired. 

In addition to property damage, homeowners insurance may also protect you from liability, that is, any physical injury or property damage that others suffer, possibly due to negligence on your part. 

Standard homeowner’s policies do not cover flooding from rising water or earthquake damage. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is there for this purpose and provides coverage for your property from damage caused by floods. Flood insurance premium rates are set nationally and depend upon the age and type of construction and the risk level. These rates do not vary from one company to another or one agent to another.

You could also consider an earthquake policy, and the premium that you have to pay will depend upon the likelihood of earthquakes in your locality.

Most of the losses suffered by homeowners are due to wind & hail damage, fire & lightning damage, water damage, and freezing & theft.

Property Damage Insurance Claims 

If your home is damaged or belongings are lost or damaged, it is a traumatic time for you, and you are likely to feel overwhelmed. Receiving the best possible settlement from the insurance company involves study and negotiation.

You will need to understand the clauses of your insurance policy, the laws, and how construction costs are to be estimated. Naturally, this is a daunting prospect, at a difficult time for you. This is where the services of Experienced Public Adjusters are so helpful and valuable.

Once you have reputed experienced and licensed public adjusters with you, they protect your interest and negotiate to get you the best settlement from your insurance company. You will pay these property damage public adjusters, a portion of the settlement which you receive, so they are motivated to get you the best possible deal. If your insurance company has an adjuster, that person is working on getting you to the least possible amount, so do recognize the difference and the value in having an Experienced Public Adjuster on your side.

You will be able to draw on our experience of having helped homeowners to get the best possible settlements after losses or damages due to causes ranging from plumbing leaks to hurricanes. Experience Public Adjusters will act as your representative, advocate, and negotiate for you throughout the claims settlement process.