Private Adjuster Tampa

Private Adjuster Tampa

There are many Private Adjusters or Private Insurance Adjusters better known as Public Adjusters in Tampa. A Private Adjuster registered and licensed through the Department of Financial Services in Florida is defined as a Public Adjuster.

Who do I hire as a Public Adjuster in Tampa?

Who is the best Public Adjuster in Tampa?

These are all great questions. The State of Florida and The Department of Financial Services requires very little for individuals to become Florida Licensed Public Adjusters. They only require you to take a 40-hour course, 6 months as an apprentice, background check, have a $50,000 surety bond, and minor other requirements like continuing education during your years as an adjuster.

We suggest you look at the reviews online. Google, Yelp, BBB, Manta, Facebook, and other online sites will give you a good judge of the success and quality of the Public Adjusting Firm you hire.

For example, if you look online in Tampa you will Find Experienced Public Adjusters has a satellite office that has not been open as long as their Corporate Office in Orlando. But if you look Experienced Public Adjusters reviews on Google throughout the State of Florida you will see they have not been around as long as some of the other companies but they have over 150 five star google reviews. Read each public adjuster profile to see their background and experience. See if their website has testimonials from prior clients for you to get a perception of how you will be treated.

For example:

Founder, David Dwyer of Experienced Public Adjusters, LLC who trains all his Public Adjusters not only had his Master in Business Administration at the age of 22 but has been continuing his education at Harvard University. He just recently received his “Negotiation Mastery” certificate from Harvard University in 2019. He ran for Florida State House of Representatives in 2013 and was an Adjunct Professor at the University of South Alabama. Click here to read Founder, David Dwyer’s complete professional biography.

Interview the public adjuster and speak to the owner of the company before you hire any public adjusting firm. The reason we tell you to ask to speak to the Owner or Founder is to see how much the company cares from the top-down about the outcome of your claim. David Dwyer will always be available to his adjusters and his clients to provide guidance, advice, and transparency. Ethics and Integrity are the foundation of the Core Values of Experienced Public Adjusters. Please see our “About Us” page!

What we can promise you is that we have a “Winning” culture at Experienced Public Adjusters. Founder, David Dwyer hires and trains winners and people who have a passion for serving the public. Public Adjusters is not about collecting a fee he believes if you always do the best thing for the insured you will always be successful. We are a team of WINNERS and there is no participation award for 2nd place in this industry. Second place when negotiation and insurance claim usually means you were unsuccessful at maximizing the insurance settlement for your client in order to get them back to pre-loss condition. We fight for every penny you are owed! Call us today to interview one of our Tampa Public Adjusters? And the Founder, David Dwyer, and Public Adjuster may not be always available at the moment but he always makes time to follow up and speak to each and every client.

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