Plumbing Damage Claims

What do you do if you have a plumbing system failure that is sudden and accidental? The first thing you do is check how you spell plumbing correctly when searching for a Public Adjuster who specializes in a water damage claim. You would be surprised how many people type by accident the word misspelled as plumming. Plumming a house is something completely different than a plumbing system.

Water damage claims are one of the most common types of insurance claims filed each year. Usually, 1 in every 40 homes has some sort of water damage claims each calendar year.

Experienced Public Adjusters are private adjusters who represent you and specialize in plumbing leak insurance claims and water damage loss insurance claims. If you have a water loss stop and call an Experienced Public Adjuster first. We will send out one of our Experienced Public Adjusters to complete a full onsite inspection and if you hire us we will document the loss and help you through every step of the process. No one should ever go into an insurance claim on their own. The insurance claim industry is set up in 99% of cases by Big Insurance to not pay you fairly either by negligence or an intention guideline they have in place. Remember, insurance companies have one focus and that is to maintain profitability.

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