Orlando Corporate Headquarters

Experienced Public Adjusters Corporate Headquarters was built in the 1920’s right of Colonial and Mills in Downtown Orlando. It has been the home of the Law offices of Rand Saltsgaver for 30 years. Experienced Public Adjusters shares the office building with his law firm and Attorney Rand Saltsgaver is Experienced Public Adjusters retained Corporate Legal Counsel.

It is a wood-framed historic building with a fireplace and beautiful accent pieces.

Experienced Public Adjusters-Orlando Corporate Headquarters

1215 Mt. Vernon Street

Orlando, Florida 32803

(407) 212-8669


Our public adjusters meet here for advanced adjuster training sessions. Brianna Bahus, Corporate Executive Administrator manages this office and handles our clients when they come to pick up their large settlement checks. She also manages and oversees managing our accounts receivables and accounts payables.  She is also the voice of our public adjusting company.

Our Corporate Headquarters is now surrounded by two additional Experienced Public Adjusters offices in Orlando. One is located in Downtown Orlando and the other in Baldwin Park Orlando.

We are the leading Public Adjusting Firm in Central Florida. We have the highest 5-star ratings on the internet in Orlando and are the top-rated in Florida.