Non Theft Property Damage

Looking to claim insurance losses from non-theft property damage?

Contact Orlando’s leading public adjusting team – Experienced Public Adjusters, the firm with a solid commitment to customers and conducting business with ethics and integrity. We manage all kinds of non-theft property damage claims including wind storm claims, hail claims, plumbing damage claims, pipe leak claims, fire damage claims, water damage claims, etc. Claiming insurance for property damage is a long-drawn and difficult process. It can drain you of your energy and patience so it’s best to contact us to handle the entire claims process for you. Our team of licensed public adjusters at Experienced Public Adjusters has years of experience in property matters related to home insurance and they are accredited, qualified and updated with the latest industry information.

You’ve worked hard to purchase your dream home and have built up your business from scratch. You cherish your collectibles and personal belongings. Naturally, you would like to protect your valuable assets from any kind of disaster that causes property damage, so the best thing is to purchase a comprehensive homeowner’s insurance policy, now. In the face of an unforeseen calamity, it is the most prudent way to arrange the finance required to repair or replace your damaged stuff.

However, when you’re surfing the net for suitable homeowners’ insurance, you may get confused as there are different types of insurance policies available. Some important points to note:

  •       Your homeowners’ insurance policy is made up of several parts. So, the coverage may differ for the dwelling and personal property part of your insurance policy for different perils.
  •       Depending on the perils, the policy may have different deductibles. The most common perils covered are theft, vandalism, fires or wildfires, wind, hail, water damage and problems with plumbing, air-conditioning, heating, etc.
  •       If you live in an area at high risk for losses from a particular peril like hail or wind, you may land up paying more premium. If you try to reduce your premium it may mean a higher deductible!
  •       Most homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover damage from earthquakes and floods. To cover damage by floods you will need a separate policy, issued by the National Flood Insurance Program, managed by the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA).
  •       Also, note to review your policy annually to assess your coverage in case you have renovated your property, etc.

Standard coverage for theft as a peril may include only damage to your dwelling, other structures and personal property. On the other hand, for non-theft property damage, your typical homeowner’s insurance policy includes dwelling and personal property coverage, besides other structures on your property, loss of use, personal liability insurance and medical payments. Consult an insurance agent to understand what is suitable for you as there can be a huge variance in payment caps, coverage amounts, and deductibles. If your homeowners’ insurance policy includes an Ordinance or Law endorsement, then additional expenses due to property damage can be covered. These are all aimed at bringing your property up to building code and includes coverage i) even for the portion of the building not damaged by a covered property loss ii) costs for breaking down a building in line with local ordinance iii) for the additional cost of construction to bring the property up to code above and beyond the property limit.

No matter what kind of insurance coverage you purchase, the primary responsibility of maintaining your property in good condition and conducting timely repairs lies with you. Insurance providers tend to look upon you favorably in terms of premium discounts if you install a burglar alarm, smoke detectors, water leak detectors, gas leak detectors, and fire extinguishers on your property. Further, if you live in a storm-prone area, adding storm shutters, reinforcing your roof, etc. would be a good idea.

What are my responsibilities as a homeowner to ensure a smooth claims process?

Apart from hiring Experienced Public Adjusters;

  •  Keep your homeowners’ insurance copy handy so our team can study it, understand the clauses and be prepared to face the insurance adjuster when he visits you.  It also helps to know the perils that are covered, the exclusions, and the deductible to decide whether you wish to claim or complete the repairs at your own cost.
  • Pay attention to the small print on your policy. For example, does it mention an “option to repair” or “at their option” as you will be compelled to use the insurance company’s contractors for repair work.
  • Carefully file all receipts of regular maintenance of your heating, plumbing, and electrical systems to prove that you have not been negligent when you need to file a claim.
  • Keep a detailed record of everything that you own, along with descriptions, including year, make, and model number. This will help you evaluate your losses, claim tax deductions, and above all, provide a guideline for the amount of insurance coverage that you need to purchase. Besides storing it on your computer, keep a hard copy at another location for easy access.
  • If disaster strikes, try to be calm and take photographs of all the property damage that has taken place. Note down timings, descriptions, and anything that you consider important.

.Why choose Experienced Public Adjusters?

We are easily accessible at all times, using local knowledge to address your concerns. We continually update ourselves with the latest developments in building codes, state statutes, and construction costs. Commencing with interpreting your insurance policy document and inspecting your property damages, we keep you informed of all our actions, including our decision to hire experts if required. We are present on-site to answer the insurance adjuster’s queries and to ensure they do not miss out on noting all the damage. We document and photograph all possible proof to include it in the claim to make it irrefutable. Insurance companies are known to use tactics to deny or reduce claims, as it directly affects their profits. We negotiate with your insurance provider to ensure that you receive a just settlement within the limits of your insurance policy.

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