Millionaire Public Adjusters

We have a unique model the caters to Millionaire Public Adjusters! We not only have an Experienced Public Adjusting team but we have vast resources that specialize in home insurance claims of all claim types for properties that have exclusive, priceless, personal property requiring specialized appraisals, artwork, and more. We also know that high net worth clients deserve and desire privacy. We also handle your insurance claim with the highest levels of professionalism and confidentiality. We provide upon request a signed confidentiality agreement by all employees or contractors involved in your insurance claims process. Providing privacy and confidentiality is not something we take lightly. We believe that it is essential and required for us to provide our unique customers and we have had many. We also understand that Celebrities, Movie Stars, Famous TV Stars, Models, Executives, Politicians, Royalty, World Leaders, Wealthy, and Famous people deserve to have a customized approach to handling their insurance claim. We respect your privacy and we do not only give you our word, but we provide you a legal document protecting you. We are available to all United States Residents. 

If you would like a discreet consultation please give Experienced Public Adjusters a call today. (407) 212-8669