How Do I Test Wiring For Lightning Damage?

Lighting Damage Public Adjusters, you need to hire the best public adjusting firm that specializes in these very specific and dangerous type of losses.

There is a specific way to check to see if there is damage to wiring inside the walls of your home. There is a test that can be performed by a Master Electrician or Electrical Engineer called a MegOhm Test or Insulation Resistance Test.

Testing Wires For Lightning Damage

How do I know if there has been damage to my electrical panel or my low voltage and high voltage wiring? Is there a way to test the high voltage wires in the walls? The way to test for this is called an insulation resistance test, also known as a MegOhm test or sometimes referred to in by electricians and electrical engineers as “Megger Testing.”

The electrical resistance protection of the insulation on a wire, conductor, or in a piece of equipment that uses voltage can be tested and measured by isolating the wire or conductor from the ground, applying a high voltage over time a specific length of time, then measuring the results.  In most residential situations Master Electricians use a 250 to 500 volt DC test over 10 minutes because of the gauge wiring currently used on homes.  When this test is performed by electricians it is a very reliable test and will tell you if your home is a potential fire hazard.

The process for performing a megohm test can be explained by calling an Experienced Public Adjuster! Or you can call any Master Electrician or Electrical Engineer

People do not realize it but lightning strikes are treated the same in the insurance world as fire and in Florida, they fall under what is called “The Value Policy Law.” This means if you can prove that 80 percent of the home needs to be replaced or has been damaged then the insurance company has to pay policy limits on the insurance claim.

If you have had a major lightning strike and your insurance company has not told you about these available test to check the safety of your home or business, then request this test be performed and paid for by them.  MegOhm testing is really the only way to know if damage has occurred behind what the eye can’t see. You can’t be sure by visible inspection alone as it is impossible to see electrical issues that especially are locating in conduits in concrete slabs or behind walls.  Lightning has many unknown paths, it has a super high voltage and travels very fast and to unexpected places.  If your home has been hit by lightning or a power surge tell your company insurance adjuster or company desk adjuster you want it tested for you and the safety of your family!

If you have a lightning strike you may have an extensive insurance claim and your home may be a fire hazard. The wiring in the wall may not spark a fire today but could burn down your home tomorrow or any day in the future with no warning. Contact a qualified licensed electrician, master electrician, or electrical engineer.

There is no question when you have lightning damage you must hire an Experienced Public Adjuster! Call Experienced Public Adjusters as soon as your home or business has been hit by lightning.

Call Us Today! We will complete a free onsite home inspection and we know what to look for in order to help you decide what your next move is going to be if there is a claim to be filed or if you have filed one already if you have been possibly underpaid. Just remember that insurance companies for example Chubb Insurance, Nationwide Insurance, State Farm Insurance, Universal Property and Casualty Insurance, Farmers Insurance, Citizens Insurance, Heritage Insurance, Harford Insurance, USAA Insurance, and the Top 25 insurance companies in Florida will never perform this test as part of their proper standards of investigation (Based Of Owner David Dwyer, Owner or Experienced Public Adjusters experienced in the insurance claims industry.) In most cases even if you request this test be performed to protect the health and safety of the home and the family residing in the home they still will not want to spend the money on this test. Remember, this test can show you that you are at risk for future fire and it may not happen today, or tomorrow, but it’s possible one day in the future and could burn your entire house down while you and your family are sleeping.

There are other reasons like water damage that shorts out circuits or for example a dry-out company or mitigation company overloads and blows out circuits while mitigating a loss. Any type of power surge could damage these wires inside the walls, ceilings, and sometimes in the foundation.

Be safe and hire Experienced Public Adjusters. We know how to fight to get your family out of the home and fight for your additional living expenses to be covered by the insurance company until the home is deemed safe by a Master Electrician or Electrical Engineer. And do not let an insurance company fool you by running a fire safety test, which is them just checking to see if the outlets work. Also, do not let an Electrical Engineer come out and inspect and then provide an opinion. Opinions are just opinions they do not test what can’t be seen behind walls or hidden in areas in the home that are not able to be viewed. There is only one test to know if you are safe from what we have been told from the best experts in the industry and that is to perform a megohm test.

Call Experienced Public Adjusters your electrical damage public adjusters and your lightning damage public adjusters for at least a free consultation.